Monday, July 14, 2008

Things come in 3's....

I think I need to mark the calendar as today being a day of change. But just not sure that it will be change for the best

1. Today there is a teleconference with my company and the prime contractor here about what is being done to me. Im nervous and edgey about it because not only do I not like whats happening -- its just not a good feeling to know that there is someone having to go to bat for you over something. Its great to know that someone is willing to do that for you but its an awful feeling when its unnecessary. As I was told this morning, it just seems that theyre trying to make me so uncomfortable that Ill just quit. And while I know what theyre doing is harassment, I just hope theres no backlash from the conversation thats held today.

2. My sitter this morning showed up, and announced that she has a doctors appointment this morning because shes bleeding. Okay, for those of you who are guys and get squeamish about this, well you may want to skip this paragraph. The only thing I can think of that would cause bleeding at this juncture would be either placenta previa or placenta abruptio. Either way shell be on bedrest. Which given the current scenario Im in with my psycho company cant really go well. Now, at risk of sounding selfish because truly, I dont want her to be uncomfortable by any stretch, or have the baby at risk but this is going to really screw me. Oh, and did I mention that today is my sons first day of soccer camp, and if shes not back by 1pm, Ill have to pick him up from camp and potentially get my daughter from her in Manchester NH. Im fortunate that in 7 years, Ive only run into baby sitter emergencies once or twice, but truly these are the times that it really irritates me that I dont have grandparents to help out.

3. Tonight is the public meeting regarding a liquor license that weve been trying to acquire that is trying to be transferred to a gas station. If tonights meeting goes well then the transfer will be declined and we will have the opportunity (hopefully) to put in an application for the license. In which case, I can deal with whatever crap the psycho company gives me. If it doesnt, then..its back to the drawing board once again.

Everything happens for a reason. I know thisand Im thinking it over and over. And truthfully, there are far worse situations I could be in at the moment. Its just that Im a very structured and controlled kind of person and I sort of feel that everything is in a state of flux and I cant really control which path I need to or am able to go down. If just one of the above named scenarios gets a resolution today, it will help.

Right about now, I welcome any and all uplifting thoughts


Ladybug's Picnic said...

Oh Rebecca. I am thinking ALL good thoughts for you. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know, truly.

Glitter said...

Whenever things get like this I always think of what my ex used to say when I got all wigged out, "This too shall pass"

You know what, he was right!? Damn it all!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Oh man... I hope your day turned out on the better side of things.

Thomas said...

I too hope your day turned out well and your sitter pulls through without any serious problems.