Monday, July 28, 2008

It's gut check time Red Sox Nation...

For all you people jumping on the “trade Manny” bandwagon – here’s a little “something something” to think about.

The Manny drama is a complete and total creation of the media. They frenzy on this issue every opportunity that they get. They did this two years ago right up until the closing hour on the trade deadline - and they've been doing it this year for the last month now.

Manny is a baseball player -- he's not a well spoken political figure, politician, world leader, or even business man. He's an athlete - and we pay him to be just that. We all know that he's a loose cannon when it comes to speaking his mind. And the media preys upon that, knowing that if you can catch Manny on a bad day, he’s say something that will drum great controversy and provide things to talk about.

The problem with that though, is that it causes problems potentially within the clubhouse and management -- because he's reacting to the media -- not to his organization directly.

Listening to Dennis & Callahan, and the Zone this morning really drove me crazy. One of the big “we hate Manny now because…” conversations was about his not visiting the wounded soldiers the hospital. Do I care that he didn’t go visit the wounded troops? Truthfully? No. Every member of that organization donates their time and money in a variety of ways to many charitable organizations. Should he have gone? Maybe… but maybe he had a reason as to why he didn’t. Did everyone go? Was he the only player who didn’t? Or is it just something else to sort of say, “see, here’s why we need to trade him….”.

Manny’s made his intentions to want to stay in a Red Sox abundantly clear. If he and the Red Sox organization can work it out – then great. If not, then that would suck quite honestly.

But either way – it is not something that should be discussed, tried or determined in the court of public opinion and/or the media.

Everyone bitched that he didn’t play Friday….and how his bat would’ve, could’ve, should’ve made a difference. And so that’s a point of contention.

Saturday – everyone was ineffective at bat.

Sunday – his bat came up huge and truthfully, there have been many a game including this one – that if it wasn’t for him, maybe we wouldn’t have come out on top.

So what do you want Red Sox Nation? What is it to you if there’s drama? Do you want to win? Or don’t you.

And ask yourself this – are the Red Sox a better team with or without Manny Ramirez. That my friends, is a valid question.

And if the answer is better without – then I’d love to hear who you think would be a viable option for replacement. Because I cannot think of one player that would be worthy of a one to one trade. And I can’t even think of a combination of players that would be worth it.

We pay him crazy money to be a ball player....we created the diva. Why should we expect him to behave differently now???

This issue of whether he stays or goes should not be brought up at this juncture of the season. Period. End of discussion. The media needs to MOVE ON.

And if a trade isn’t made (which I sincerely hope doesn’t happen) by Thursday, then this girl doesn’t want to hear “boo” about it anymore.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I am going to paste in the comment I left on another blog regarding this topic.

My thoughts on Manny 2008:

1. This management group has *never* liked Manny. I suspect they are setting the table for not picking up his option. But Manny called them out on not being able to trade him before the deadline. I believe he's right. Peter Gammons agrees.

2. It's not a season without a Manny drama. I have just accepted this as fact. It's like feeling the need to point out how hard it it to pick off baserunners with Wakey pitching because the knuckleball takes so long to get to the plate... oh wait. They do that too. Point is, we've heard it all since Manny arrived in Boston. This isn't new even thought the media tries to pretend it is.

3. I swear every time there *is* a Manny drama, he uses it to fire himself up. Just look at how he hit last night after speaking his mind! I have a good feeling about the Papi & Manny Show coming soon.

4. A trade for Manny isn't *just* about getting another bat that can protect Papi in the lineup. You also need that acquisition to be able to play LF -- a perfect explanation for why Teixeira would not work in this scenario, regardless of what all the talking heads say. (Sure, he played a little outfield but not since 2004 and we have no reason at all to mess with our infield unless he can play SS.) And no matter what idiocy he commits out there in the field, you have to admit, *nobody* plays that Monster like Manny does.

5. Kruk really is a moron. He said he doesn't understand how Manny can say he's had enough of the Sox (implying the team). Manny has had enough of the FRONT OFFICE. And to be honest? In part, I do not blame him. As much as I appreciate what they have brought to Boston, I am not a fan of Henry-Lucchino-Werner, themselves. Something about them has always... just not sat right with me. And the more I read "Dynasty" (the book by Tony Massarotti), the more I realize that Epstein gets a lot of credit for things he *didn't* do. Players coming up through the system that were products of the Duquette era. And that Beckett/Lowell acquisition? I forgot that took place while he was busy sulking. It was the interim GM that made that move.

So my (long-winded) point is: yes, I think Manny contributes to this drama just by being himself, but really is this still a surprise to anyone? Because it shouldn't be. But I also think that the Front Office and the media are just as responsible for this circus.

chesneygirl said...

Obviously, I am not a Red Sox fan in any way, shape, or form and do not know all the details of the issue... but with that being said... you sure made ALOT of good and valid points and an EXCELLENT argument for the dude! :)