Friday, July 25, 2008

Indulgence doesn't HAVE to be decadent...

As I was making my son dinner last night, I looked in the cabinet and had to catch my breath. Staring back at me was a can of food that is not good for you, but wow does it taste good. I fought back the temptation to heat it up and devour it like a vulture thats just caught a glimpse of road kill up aheadbut I managed to keep my composure and not eat it. Walk away from the can.Walk. Away. From. The. Can.

Right, I know what youre thinking. Canned food? Yup, I have to admit that sometimes this Mom is too lazy to make pasta fresh or soup from scratch so sometimes a can will come to the rescue for the kiddies. Its called quick, easy emergency food. But truthfully, I wont buy them anything that I dont love myself. Its gotta be tried and true of course.

We all have guilty pleasures who doesnt? The foods we dont like to admit that we love because theyre not healthyor the television shows that are just so horribly put together, you feel like your intelligence quota dropped 100 points by watching them.

So while Ive got many more, heres a few of the things I truly enjoy while I’m not always so proud to admit them!

1. Dinty Moore Beef Stew: LOVE LOVE LOVE Dinty Moore Beef Stew. Its salty, and and the potatoes are so soft and if you doctor it up just a bit sometimes with a little garlic, it tastes even better. But plain or garlicky its so flipping delicious that I dont even care that the beef is sort of mystery meat.

2. Chef Boyardee: Chef Boyardee raviolis are delish. I can take or leave the rest of their product line, although the chili-mac is pretty decent too but the beef raviolis are so good! Again, mystery meat inside but seriously, the pasta is the perfect mushy consistency and the sodium laced spaghetti sauce just sends my tastebuds aflutter. When I was younger I used to joke and say that Chef Boyardee came from all the little kids saying Chef, Boy are dees raviolis good! (Yes, Im a geek- I know.)

3. Hormel Corned Beef Hash: Now listen I make a mean home made corn beef hash, but Im sorry nothing screams Sunday morning breakfast louder than a can of Hormel Corned Beef Hash. I like it crispy.I like it not crispy. I just like it no matter how you serve it!!

And heres an interesting footnote. I was just surfing the web to find the name of the company that makes the corned beef hash because I havent bought it in ages and needed to recognize the label and I found the following site:

How bizarre that all three brands are distributed by the same company?!?!? Who knew?

Moving on..

The Spice Girls: Wannabe has got to be one of my favorite, feel good, fun to run to kind of songs. I used to coach cheerleading back in the day and if this song had been out at the time, oh yeah this wouldve been our competition song.

Britney Spears: While I dont find her to be exceptionally talented her producers are pretty darn good. Pre-breakdown Britneys music, starting from Baby, One more time to Im a Slave 4 U (excluding the sappy love songs that she cant sing worth a dime on) are hot. No doubt about it.

Denise Richards Its Complicated: You know, I started watching this show On Demand out of sheer boredom of finding anything else to watch and I have to tell you, I really like it. I think I really like her. Shes not perfect, she doesnt pretend to be and she seems like a relatively normal down to earth kind of girl, and I like that about her. And her dad is really a sweetheart

The Two Coreys: Seriously, this is like watching Breaking Bonaduce for me, its a total car wreck. Im hoping to see Corey Haim on Dr. Pinskys next Celebrity Rehab.

Coyote Ugly: Okay so this clearly was never meant to be Academy Award material who cares. But its a cute movie about a nice girl trying to make it in the music industry. Who doesnt want to see the nice girl come out ahead and win in the end?

So, what are some of your guilty pleasures?


McSwain said...

I used to feel sorry for Denise Richards, because Charlie Sheen and my ex have a whole lot in common. But then I caught one episode of her show while bored/cleaning house/having the TV on for noise. It was the one where she was going to Hawaii and making her dad take care of her 6 bajillion dogs while she was gone even though he said over and over that it was too much for him to handle. And that's when I decided that she's a selfish b@tch. Between that and the Richie Sambora thing.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Just a few:
Hot dogs at ballgames (so bad for you but... it's a ball game!).
Neil Diamond music (can't help it, I grew up on it, it is just engrained in who I am now).
Jon & Kate Plus 8 (I don't do reality tv but I cannot stop watching this show).

Suldog said...

OMG. Dinty Moore, Chef Boy-R-Dee, canned hash. All staples at my house growing up (as well as Franco-American spaghetti, but only because my Dad liked it - I wouldn't eat it.)

My guilty pleasures? Cream Cheese with chives, on saltines. Dogs at a ballgame (I can eat a half-dozen, easy.) Mallo Cups candy. Too many, too many. I'll stop here.

Rebecca said...

FANTASTIC photo Cheryl, if I haven't already told you. :) Yes, I know, I sort of have issues about her hooking up with Richie, but in watching the episode where she explains it - it doesn't seem as the tabloids made it. I also haven't seen the Hawaii episode yet - her Dad is SO sweet, why would she make him do that? Must catch up on it...

Dawn/Suldog - YES, hot dogs are a total guilty pleasure. I can eat, dozens of them I think. Oh, and I totally was always grossed out at Franco American! Spaghetti-o's are nothing like Chef Boyardee! These too were staples in my house. Clearly, sustenance of the 70's/80's are the guilty pleasures of the new millenium! ;)

chesneygirl said...

I absolutely LOVE canned corned beef hash!! And not that you mention it, it's been quite a while since I've had any, so now.... I'm craving it!

Coyote Ugly is one of my favorite movies... I always list it when I'm asked what my favorite movies are... and yes, I own the DVD.

Jessica Simpson is another one for me. I know I'm probably the only one left in the world that likes her anymore. I'm not really sure WHY I like her so much. But I do. *shrug*

Mom said...

I never liked Dinty Moore's Beef Stew, but your Dad still loves it. I equate it to dog He even still likes Chung King and that to me is worse..... Never liked Chef Boyardee Ravioli either, but I remember it was the first thing Nicole wanted to eat for her first meal after her accident....I do love grilled hot dogs and could eat enough of them to get sick. Corned beef hash is good in small amounts. I can't really think of any canned foods I would crave for. Oh, but you forgot one other canned product you love. How about "Thank You" Pudding?? :)All of the above I do buy and categorize in my mind as hurricane food and yes, if I had to....I would eat it....begrudgingly of course.....:)

Rebecca said...

Mom, ewwww.. Chung King! I always hated that stuff. So funny. But he'd always add in hot chinese mustard which sort of covers the nasty taste. :)

Yes, I LOVE "Thank You" pudding. YUM. I still see it in BJ's from time to time. I just have yet to buy it because it's in such large quantities!