Wednesday, July 16, 2008

15 is a charm....

What a great game last night!

I unfortunately, was unable to stay awake past the bottom of the 5th. So imagine my surprise to see the game go 15 innings with JD Drew winning as MVP. Hows that for a Cinderella Man comeback story, eh? Last year, most of us in Red Sox Nation (including myself) was (ahem) unimpressed with the injury riddled Drew. And now look at him. Good for him! Im not too proud to say that I certainly will eat my words on my thoughts on him from last season and again, goes to show how sometimes we the fans just cant jump to conclusions about a player.

Thats not to say that Im not hoping to see Jed Lowrie stay at SS. But I digress

Now Ive gotta say sorry to anyone from NY who reads this blog, I certainly dont mean to offend, but hows about a big ol WTF to the Yankees fans and NY media who were classless all day yesterday and booing the players last night at the game? Truly, this whole issue with Jonathan Papelbon was so out of proportion. Clearly he didnt expect to not have Mariano close. Is that truly all that there was for the media to run with? Im sorry, but heres a little newsflash for yall its us the fans who have issues with the rivalry of the teams, not so much the players themselves. Theyre all kind of friends to a certain extent. (With the exception of course, of maybe some who genuinely dont care for one another. It happens) Especially when theyre playing on the same team! And might I just remind you once again that it was Red Sox player JD Drew who helped make it possible for the AL to win?

So dear Yankees fans, my suggestion is this. Think about whether losing Hidecki Matsui (whom I really love, its lousy that hes injured again) means that your ball club is desperate enough to want to see Barry Bonds play in a Yankees uniform. Is there really worth the money to rent an aging jail bound baseball player for a short term in a last ditch effort to try to win another championship?

I dont hate the Yankees. Theres many players on the club that I really enjoy watching. Some, not so much. (Like, Jason I take so much steroids that it isnt sweat coming out of my pores its serum residue Giambi. Somebody, please tell that man to shave.) And a good rivalry is always fun. But when it gets to a point of where people are fighting in the streets over which team is better, or a player gets threats of harm to them then I think the fanbase is a little out of control. Im not saying Red Sox Nation isnt guilty of stupid things either. I think everyone needs to get a grip and realize that its really just a game. And have fun with it! Its not your paycheck thats affected by wins or losses.

Now, its time to look forward to the second half of the season. And anything is possible.


Suldog said...

Fell asleep in the 9th, listening to the radio in bed. Aaaaarrrggghhh!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I made it to the top of the 9th. I loved waking up to find out JD was MVP. During Spring Training, I made him the recipient of the 2nd Annual Julian Tavarez Second Chance Award (a personal award I give out to a player I groaned about all season who appears to have been underestimated -- I already have next year's recipient all but engraved in stone) and man has he lived up to my (silly) award! I am *finally* to the point where I feel like he is worthy of wearing that number 7.

By the way, the player who will likely be awarded the 3rd Annual? NOT E6. =P

Nichole M said...

I agree with you. All Yankees fans showed a complete lack of class. Unfortunately, many (but I'd wager less) Red Sox fans are equally classless. But I don't think any Red Sox fan would threaten the pregnant wife of a Yankee player if she were in a parade in Boston.

Tommy Buettner said...

Yeah, thanks to Papelbum, I had to stay up past my bedtime. Just kidding buddy. Hey hit me up at for what we spoke about earlier, ok?