Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Swing batter, batter, batter...swing!!

Before I launch into todays thoughts, a big THANK YOU to everyone who sent kind words to me yesterday, both in the blogosphere and real life. They were helpful to hear. The day turned out far better than anticipated. Quick wrap up: 1. Job scenario is looking like the psycho company got the hint during the telecon and life may be a bit quieter now on that front. 2. Sitter is fine. No one is sure why she experienced what she did yesterday but the doctor said not to worry. 3. Liquor license transfer was declined to the party that was applying for it, which hopefully means it will become available for application in the near future.


And now, a little baseballHello Josh Hamilton!! I dont know about anyone else, but I went to bed thinking he had that Home Run Derby in the bag surprise, surprise. And what a great story with regards to his batting practice pitcher. What an arm on him. I bet hes sore this morning. I didnt really get overly excited about the HR Derby this year because no one that I really was excited to watch was in it. No offense to the guys who were but lets be honest, the big draws are those DHs that we all know and love. I am however looking forward to watching the game itself.

And one little Barry Bonds jab, because clearly hes desperately seeking employment despite the fact that hes more than likely going to jail in under a year. And while theres no official grievance thats been filed, Team Bonds is concerned because there have been no offers since hes become a free agent. Um, hello?. Do you really think that any All American & Apple Pie baseball team wants the negative press thats going to come along with this incarceration? Thats not collusion my friends, thats common sense!

"It's called talent. I just have it. I can't explain it. You either have it or you don't." Barry Bonds

I have another quote for you Barry. Its called Steroids. You either do them or you dont Most of society.

Does he have a God-given ability? Absolutely. But so do hundreds of other baseball players and they didnt cheat to showcase them or break records either. I have some advice for you Barry and maybe Brett Favre could heed this as well, though not notorious or infamous but egomaniacal just the same. Know when its your time to go. Exit quietly, and revel in what you had. Age gracefully. Keep whatever dignity you have (or in Barrys case, thinks he has). Everything has its season and yours has passed. Say goodbye, and let it go.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I can't speak on the Favre thing -- I feel about him like I feel about Tek -- but Barry and Rog-ah (now *there* are some names that belong in the same sentence!!) need to just go away now, please.

I didn't really watch the Derby closely but I was amazed by Hamilton. What I mostly enjoy is seeing the players laughing & playing with their kids. And it really spoke volumes to me to see Papi, mouth hanging open, saying "WOW" after Hamilton hit then out one after the other.

Suldog said...

The show Hamilton put on was amazing! They should let the cumulative total carry over to the last round, as well. It's criminal he didn't win.

Nichole M said...

I'm glad things may be calming down for you at work. Freakazoids!

I agree with you totally on the Bonds and Favre front. I have little credibility on the latter, though, because I don't like football all that much. I was just so moved during his farewell press conference that I cried. While running at the gym no less! And for him to be all, "Uh, guys? I kinda wanna play again." I'm done. Even more now than before. :-P