Thursday, July 10, 2008 where are all the "player haters" now?

Thats right. Keep your mouths shut.

This isnt about being emotionally attached to certain players this is about being realistic. There are many players on this team that I really love to watch, but lets face it theyre interchangeable. There are very few players on this Red Sox team that you can say you cant get the same return on investment should you trade them. The two players that I feel are invalueable to this team are Manny Ramirez, and naturally Jason Varitek.

Over the last few days, there has been so much chatter in the media about why these two shouldnt be re-extended. And truthfully the arguments pale in comparison against those as to why they should be re-extended. Im not anexpert in the field, so clearly I may not express them all, but I can share my school of thoughts on it. Maybe Manny is 36; 36 is the new 26. Hes in great shape, hes clearly not slowing down any (Im sorry, his slump was really nothing to be called that) and truthfully Id rather have Manny on my payroll growing older than have to face against him. Name one player that would be worth the trade. I can’t think of any. (Ugh, and please, dont get me started on the Barry Bonds issue because this is one girl who would never cheer for him if he was in a Sox uniform. But I digress.)

And as far as the Captain is concerned, Ive said it time and time again to those who try to say hesnot worth it, orhes breaking down. I don’t see the breakdown. Do I see he doesnt hit as well as before sure, hes inconsistent on his batting. His numbers have gone down in that respect. But thats not his sole responsibility. Hes not a utility player. Hes the catcher he calls a game like no body else does. Im sorry, how many no hitters are under his belt? One hitters? Never mind the fact that he brings so many other intangibles to the table, the Red Sox organization would absolutely be foolish not to sign him. I would think its the terms of length of time that might be contentious as opposed to the actual signing. But theyll work it out Im sure. (Another ugh with regards to his agent which is a subject that I will not digress on at the moment)

Weve all seen organizations build their teams around a particular playermore often than not, it will be a pitcher. But in this girls opinion, there are three players on this team that you can build a team around. Thats not to say that the others arent fantastic at what they do but it is what it is. And those three players are Josh Beckett, Manny Ramirez, and Jason Varitek.

Agree or disagree, the choice is yours. But thats my story and I’m sticking to it.


Suldog said...

Pretty much spot on. Most fans of most sports don't "see" the stuff that doesn't show up in the box score. Tek is one of the greatest defensive catchers of all-time. Not his arm, not his positioning, not his toughness, not his calling of games, but the entire package, taken as a whole. As an amateur who has tried to do the things he does, I am in awe of his skills at the job.

Some guys bring enough to the table in other areas to make their hitting less of a concern. They've found spots on major league rosters - and starting positions - many times over. The one that springs to mind most readily is Mark Belanger, formerly of the Orioles, who was such a great shortstop, the O's put up with him hitting something .210 lifetime and kept him in the line-up daily. And they won pennants doing so.

So far, Tek's hitting has been a wonderful bonus on top of his other skills. If he drops off some with the bat, he's still good enough to play 4 out of 5 days.

Nichole M said...

I agree with everything you said here. But I have to bring up something else... we *must* get rid of that waste of space Lugo. They thought they'd suffer through his errors defensively and benefit from his bat. turns out he has no bat, either.

waste. of. space.

Ted D said...

Rebecca, fantastic post. The fact people bang on Tek sort of shows they don't get all the little things that have to happen for a team to win.

And Nichole, Lugo whacked himself apparently. Torn quad, out at least 6 weeks.

If Lowrie can perform, we may have see the last of Julio. And I really wanted the guy to do well.

Tommy Buettner said...

Hey Rebecca,

I do not feel knowledgable enough to comment on Manny, but for Varitek, I will. Even though you know I am a Cards fan all the way, as a catcher myself, Varitek is the cog that holds this particular team together. What I mean is that he is PERFECT for the pitching staff that the Red Sox have in place. No other catcher could step in and accomplish what Jason does. No one. Not a Jorge Posada, or even my beloved Yadier Molina.

Jason is so in tune with this team, with the pitching staff, and even the infield, it would not make sense to ship him out or not re-sign him.