Thursday, July 03, 2008

Time to talk baseball.....

So, I've been holding my tongue on baseball talk but I think I've got
enough brewing to post a few tidbits for today.

1. Clearly, the Sox are struggling at the moment. Here's the thing -
we knew that Japan was going to catch up with them, and despite the flu
that went through the clubhouse late in the Spring - the team has held
up pretty well given all the travel they've done in the first half of
the season. Traditionally, they do phenomenal until the All Star Break
and then they sort of shake after that and it's always crunch time
before September. So this is a little different. For the first time in
years I'm looking forward to the All Star Break. As opposed to dreading
it for fear of breaking up good momentum. Last night's game with the
D-Rays really exposed our bullpen. Well, theirs as well truthfully -
but they're getting the run support that we're seemingly struggling on
at the moment. Injuries, questionable pitching, and probably just
overall fatigue are catching up with the boys of summer at the moment.

2. Manny being Manny...or Manny being a bully? I love, love, love
Manny. And while I totally get the whole Youkoulis scuffle recently,
and that there are always issues in any team environment - to get into a
physical altercation with a 66 year old man is just crossing the line.
But then again, I wonder if the media isn't just waiting on baited
breath for Manny to do something for them to plaster the papers with.
The media is a tough, vicious animal. They love to see you on top - but
they love even more to bring you down.... Not excusing or justifying by
any stretch. Just posing a thought.

3. On a non-Red Sox funny to see Madonna bring Guy Ritchie
to NYC to show a steadfast marriage despite the fact that everyone
thinks she and my least favorite ball player A-Rod are "in bed" with one
another, so to speak. I sort of have mixed feelings about it, because
truly - can't people be friends?!? What's the big deal if Madonna and
A-Rod know each other and hang out occasionally? So long as his wife
knows, and doesn't mind - if they're truly just friends, what's the big
deal? But you know, given their respective past histories - it might be
tough to believe that there isn't fire where there's smoke in this

4. Red Sox v. Yankees for the 4th. I can't think of a better series
I'd want to watch during a holiday weekend. Can you?


Suldog said...

Sox-Yanks on the 4th always brings to mind Dave Righetti throwing his no-hitter against them. That happened on the 4th, many years back ('81?) I remember sitting in a motel room in New Hampshire watching Wade Boggs go down on strikes to end it.

Let's hope for a happier game this time :-)

Rebecca said...

True enough!

Oh, and thanks for not mentioning about Jason's batting last night. I swear at least 6 people at work have brought it up to me today... jeesh! Cut the guy some slack!

I always say, he's not the flipping DH! He's the catcher....! (although clearly he's struggling offensively...)

~**Dawn**~ said...

One thing you have forgotten: June. Swoon. Happens every year. I forget too until suddenly it's July & we stop playing like we've done "dizzy-bat racing" between every half inning. =P

I agree too: nothing screams "all American" like America's Favorite Pastime, and the best rivalry in professional sports.