Wednesday, July 30, 2008

If given a choice -- I'd prefer not to play games....

I’m pretty much a straight shooter. I’ve never believed in being insincere or thinly veiled in my intentions.

As a child, my Mom always said I “wore my heart on my sleeve”. I didn’t believe in playing “hard to get”. If I like you – I like you, and I don’t know how to hide it.

(I did try playing “hard to get once” – and it almost backfired on me. Therefore proving my theory. Clearly, I was wise beyond my tender years!)

While that’s not a bad thing, there is something to be said about that changing somewhat as you get older. As much as people claim they “don’t like drama” or like “games” in aspect of their life – that isn’t necessarily the truth. Especially when it comes to business.

I definitely understand that there’s a need for not always stating your intentions or desired end state at the beginning, because sometimes you need to get a feel for situations and circumstances – as well as size up the integrity of those whom you’re dealing with. There are many people who aren’t honest and looking to take advantage of someone else’s trust, so I’m all for poker faces and chess matches in the beginning.

But when you’re at a particular juncture with people and are past that point --– it’s frustrating to find out that those who claimed to have “laid their cards out on the table”, really haven’t.

It just frustrates me that I have to play hardball in a situation that I shouldn’t have to.

“You’ve got to know when to hold’em – know when to fold ‘em. Know when to walk away…..”

My gut says that throwing all the chips on the table and saying “I’m walking away” is going to give the desired end state that I want. Bluff – but meant it.

At the same time is it worth the risk of the gamble, if Im wrong.

And this my friends is why Id never make a good poker player.


Tommy Buettner said...

Rebecca, check out my article at .

I still want to talk to you about being a guest on my blog for baseball.

Rebecca said...

Hey Tommy!
Thanks! I've been meaning to write, just always get caught up. ;) I can't access your blog from work, I can only post comments to mine via url chasing unfortunately! But I'll hopefully read it tonight!!

LOL, I'll guess by the title that we have differing views? ;)

Liam said...

playing hard to get is just annoying to the guy. I mean, hello... can you say "mixed signals"... and in the days that we live in where we're BEAT over the head with "no means no" what makes ANYONE think "hard to get" is a good strategy...

Melvin said...

Well Rebecca i can just say that i like you, don't play hard on me babe... ;-)

Rebecca said...

Well, truth be told -- it's a business scenario Ive been working on that I was referring to. :) But it's true, games in general are stupid.

Melvin - are you a Manny fan? :)
How's everyone in the Dominican reacting to the news about Manny?

Nichole M said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I addition to not making a good poker player, I also make a lousy actress, practical jokster, and shrewd businesswoman.