Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happiness is a dog's wet nose...

I just came back from taking the Brandy girl to the vet.

Those of you who are long time readers may remember about 18 months ago when I received a bad diagnosis stating that my dog was dying and that I should strongly consider putting her down.

Well, here where are two years ago and she's going strong. Except............
Over the weekend, she had many an incident that led me to believe that she's either in congestive heart failure -- or kidney failure. Or scarily, the possibility is both. And truthfully, I was leaning towards kindey failure which is not a diagnosis one wants to hear.

While we're awaiting the results of her bloodwork -- her symptoms preliminarily seem to be more symptomatic of congestive heart failure. This, is good news. Because that is controllable with medicine. But we'll know more after her xray on Thursday. This doesn't mean that she's not in renal failure, because we need the bloodwork to rule that out. But it does mean that if we can rule it out -- the heart is a very manageable condition. I also learned that her heart murmur isn't nearly to the extent that I'd been led to believe it was previously.

This girl is very thankful that she didn't "consider the options" at the time I'd been told I should.

So with fingers crossed, and hopes for good news -- a seemingly much happier Brandy and I left the vet's office.

Complete with her giving wet kisses on the way home.


Suldog said...

Just said a prayer for your friend. Stay strong.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I really really hope you get the best possible news...

Mica said...

How is Brandy girl? I am hoping she is alright as renal failure is such an awful thing to go through.

I've had to make great adjustments to make sure my Kazan gets the best care.

My prayers to both of you.

Rebecca said...

Hi All -
It seems that renal failure is not the diagnosis. (whew!!)

It's more in the heart arena which is a decent diagnosis for a 13 year old dog. :) We can control it with medicine to make her probably last 3 years, good ones...!

mica said...

Hi, it's Mica again. I saw your comment on my lens.

I kissed Kazan goodbye last Aug. 11, a day after you posted your sweet message.

I've dried my tears but I'm still heartbroken. I will miss him for a long time, if not forever.

All the best to you, your family and Brandy. Kiss her for me?