Thursday, May 01, 2008

Milk Chocolate Melts in your mouth....

Who knew that something as simple as a Dove chocolate covered caramel could make a girl's day?

I just ate three of them. Bad, I know -- but seriously, so good. Sort of like the little messages inside of them! I had no idea there are little messages for you to read as you unwrap each one! How fun…! My three messages were:

1. Today is definitely a bubble bath day. Not a bad idea! I think that tonight, I might just do that! I wish I had a nice old fashioned soaking tub….

2. Sometimes one smile means more than a dozen roses. Yes, depending on who the smile comes from. Say for example, I get a smile from someone like, oh I don't know --- let's just say Jason Varitek. Well then yes, that would be a smile worth more than 20 dozen roses. Unless of course, the roses were from him as well..but I digress. (You know I had to get something about him in this post after last night's efforts.) But truthfully, a well meant and sincere smile can most definitely be far more valueable and heart warming than flowers.

3. Naughty can be nice. Absolutely. I do believe that I've often said that very line myself! Sigh….Sometimes I think I'm just not naughty enough…

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~**Dawn**~ said...

Hmmm... if you combine all three of those... >=]