Saturday, May 31, 2008

Aujourd'hui est mon petit girl' jour de considérant des !

Ah yes, its the long awaited recital day. Today my little Fia Mia will be a dancing duck.

I can not wait.

I have to take pictures before we leave, and of course "back stage" since we aren't allowed to take photographs during the show. Poor little chicky has had a cold all week though and so her little top lip is all chapped. But that's okay, nothing a little lip balm can't fix.

And then after this Saturday, I do believe I have on Saturday left of soccer -- and then we are back on track for Saturday adventures. It's been some time since the kiddies and I have been able to get up and go do fun things, so I think we're all really looking forward to it. Though truthfully, it's also the beginning of birthday season in our family, and so many a Saturday now through August will be filled with parties.

And so, since I try to only post on Saturday if I have a fun survey, the following is a cute little test I took in honor of the events today:

What Kind Of Dance Are You?
My Result: Dance Your Heart Out
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You Never Think Otherwise.
You Always Have Fun, And Never Have Regrets!

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1 comment:

Nichole M said...

I got:
Dance Like No One's Watching.
You Don't Care About What Other People Think About You.
Remember, If Someone Calls You A Slut Because Of Your Dancing, It's Only Because They're Jelous Cuz They Can't Do It As Well As You!