Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh what a night....

Was it the magic of the full moon?
Was it the stars were aligned just right?

Or was it just that Jon Lester has worked his ass off trying to improve his getting ahead of the pitch count this season?

Who'da thunk that a random Monday night in May, during interleague play - we'd get to witness a no hitter?   And - a record breaking night for my boy Jason - might I add?  (Sigh...love him!!! J ust incase anyone was wondering…)  It was a great win - a great team effort and a tremendous accomplishment overall.

It was an absolutely great game to watch.

Tonight will be interesting, with rookie Justin Masterson pitching.  My goodness he's tall - on record as 6'6.  I mean, I knew pitchers were taller - but I guess I just never realized how tall pitchers generally seem to be!  But then again, when you're only 5'1 like I am (clearly, just an inch over dwarf status.  No, not really but I'm pretty flipping petite) - everyone seems tall.  After the first few inches requiring me to look up in the sky towards someone -- who counts any more! 


~**Dawn**~ said...

I was *dying*!! And then Orsillo wouldn't shut up about it! I kept thinking he was gonna jinx the kid because *everyone* knows you don't breathe a mention of a no-hitter in progress!! What a crazy game!

Rebecca said...

I know!!!! He said somethings funny last night too! He called Fenway Park "Fenway Pourk"? He said another one too - and I can't think of what it was.

Seriously. I wonder if anyone slammed him over that?

~**Dawn**~ said...

I think they were too busy making fun of his jacket to notice. And we won't even mention the talk about the "spaceships"... ::shaking my head::

Rebecca said...

LOL. Ah yes....
I often wonder how I don't have a job like theirs... ;)

Nichole M said...

That was truly a feat. And the fact that Tek (sigh) is the mastermind behind *four* performances?!?! That speaks to *his* genius as well. Good thing there's a brain to go with those looks.

Well, I don't think I'd care anyway... ;-)

Lloyd L. Corricelli said...

Um...not to be a nitpicker but KC is an American League team so it was not interleague play.

I know you knew that! :)

Thomas said...

I'm actually in Boston this week (and next) for work and I watch the game in the hotel pub. After Lester struck out the last batter in the 9th the whole place (including myself) erupted! It couldn't have happened to a better guy.

My son and I actually met Lester last season when he was in Greenville for a month starting his comeback. He's a great guy and very nice to the fans. For $6 a seat behind home plate, you can't beat watching a major league pitcher for that price. Before he went back to the big leagues, Gabe Kapler was the manager last year (we got to meet him as well).

I live in Greenville and the city and ownership have done a nice job building a new ball park downtown. It has the look of a Fenway/Camden Yards, it even has a Green Monster. It won the 2006 ballpark of the year by baseballparks.com, but I digress. :)

Oh yeah... I have tickets for tomorrow night's Sox game! I'm looking forward to seeing Bartolo Colon pitch. GO SOX!!!

chesneygirl said...

I guess that would make me "dwarf status" as I am 5'0"


My husband is 6'3".

Hale McKay said...

Well Masterson pitched a "masterful" game.

I didn't know what to expect, but Bartolo Colon gave the Sox five good innings and got the win.

I gotta feeling he is really going bolster the pitching staff.

(ON my post about Lester's game I remembered your admiration (right emotion?) of Jason Varitek and mentioned it and linked your site.

At least tonight there was no clicking back and forth from the Sox to the Celtics and back, etc. ...And tomorrow is an afternoon game - the Celts are at night.