Monday, May 26, 2008

Small towns...big memorials

I just got back from the Memorial Day parade held here in town. One of the things I love about this town is that they do so much on the holidays - and seemingly so much more so on Memorial Day & 4th of July.

My son marched with his soccer team, and they always "pull up the rear" - so my daughter and I got to watch the whole thing from the end of the parade location where we waited. It was great to see how much the Shriners do for the parade and the community. It's a great way too, to explain to the younger kids like my daughter what this is all about and how important it is to celebrate all of your heroes -- soldiers, as well as fireman and policemen.

We're off to go poolside, and I can't wait. I'm so ghostly white, which truly I'll be all summer since I don't like to age before my time and wrinkle; but that's what sunless tanner is for! I won't be swimming myself - the water's far too cold but nothing will keep the kids out. And if nothing else, it will help wash all the pollen that's surely making all of us sneeze -- go away.

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