Friday, May 02, 2008

"Thursday goes too slow...I got Friday on my mind.."

Ah yes, the end to yet another week is here. And how did I kick off the weekend thus far?
With a big ol' fat piece of lime cheesecake for someone's birthday in the office. Sigh. Clearly I'll be running 5 miles today to burn that off!

But truthfully, I'll be doing lots of running around this weekend. Busy, busy - busy!!
Tonight, after I literally run - I'll be interviewing a seemingly lovely girl for occasional sitting. I'm pretty excited about that. Sometimes, I just need a break from either being at work, or being Mom and need to get out and see a movie! As in, a movie theatre - rather than 2 years after a movie is out on DVD up in Mantown!

Tomorrow, we have dance in the morning….and while the kids are at the soccer field, I won't be joining them as I will be working my arms and legs off at the Jimmy Fund Fundraiser of 108 Sun Salutations. For those of you who practice, you'll totally appreciate the fact that we do both Surya Namaskar A & B - and with both Warriors 1 & 2. Last year, I think it totalled to something like 340 pushups or somewhere in that area? And hello - Ms. Overachiever here does them all one-legged, so you can imagine the way my hamstrings will feel tomorrow night after a hot shower…..

Which shortly after said shower, we will be attending a graduation party for our favorite "little" cousin. Who's clearly not so little anymore. Sigh….where does the time go?

Sunday we have baseball at lunchtime….soccer at 3…..and a birthday party at 4:30.

Tired yet?
Welcome to the month of May -- officially the beginning of the busiest month of my life!

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Suldog said...

Well, God bless! I've got softball on Sunday and little else - and I'm not even playing this year (or at least I'm planning on just coaching.)