Thursday, May 15, 2008

I want more, impossible to ignore...they'll come true, impossible not to do.

It's funny how here I am, a thirty something mother of two - and yet I still hang onto the dream of being an a film actress.

Opportunities in Boston are so much more available now than when I was younger; before, casting was at a minimum around here.  You absolutely had to be NYC or LA based.  Now, not so much.  You can truly be a working actor in Boston if you play your cards right.  And now all this opportunity is around, and I don't always  have the time to go out and audition on most calls. 

I just found out last night, that Bruce Willis and crew were in my town -- and not just in my town, but literally across the street from me in the dune filming stunts a few weeks back.  How I did not know this was going on, is beyond me.  And so while I'm listed with just about all of the casting agencies in town, the timing just never seems to work for me lately.   Casting calls are tough, if you've never been on one - it's so very different from a specific audition.  I've been to some that you wait hours to be seen; and others you just sort of pop in and register.

And then, I read about some local girls get cast as "friends" to Kate in movies like "Bride Wars" - I look at them and think "jeesh, that so could've been me!"  If I'd only been able to attend the casting call for extras, one never knows what might have happened.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  You can take the girl away from the dream, but you can't take the dream away from the girl.

And you just never know what lies ahead in life.


~**Dawn**~ said...

My ex-boyfriend's uncle lives just outside of Boston (can't remember exactly where right this second). So close though that even though he's retired, his "for fun" job is security at Fenway. Anyway, he has been an extra for a few movies in the last few years (well I don't know about the last two years but the few years before that... oh never mind LOL). Anyway, my point is you're right: that dream does not have to die! He was in his 60s when he got casy for his first role!

nichole m said...

If you don't have your dreams you might as well be dead! Shoot... why don't keep trying out for stuff; you never know if you've got the "look" they want! :-)