Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Yogurt and Hakius: Who'da thunk it?

 Landscapes are gorgeous
 Blooms of soft whites, and pinks
Against green grass it is a magnificent sight

(eh, not sure if that's exactly a haiku, but you get the idea.)

It is absolutely perfect outside today.
Per.  Fect.  (Yes, that required being broken up into two words.  It's that nice outside.)

You know those yogurt commercials, that show the really trendy, 20/30-somethings going on and on about how their yogurt is so good, it's…."fill in the blanks"?  (Note, for the record that I love, love, love yogurt.  Especially plain, or vanilla.  Yummmm.  Moving on…)

"It's desert island good"…"it's not catching the bouqet good"…. etc.

Well, today is totally "walking the beach, drinking lemonade and eating an ice cream cone" kind of good.

Soft, smooth and creamy
Sunshine and light
Vanilla yogurt rocks.

If you live in the Boston area and aren't loving life today -- then either something is horribly wrong and clearly, I’m sorry for that…or -- you're just looking for a reason to be unhappy!


~**Dawn**~ said...

We had a whole week's worth of days like that a couple of weeks ago. Heaven. Today it's 88. But at least we only have 16% humidity. That (hot but dry) *never* happens.

martie said...

So far, back here in the mid-west (Michigan) we have had 2 wonderfully gorgous days like the one you just described! I'm pretty sure it is SPRING to stay!!!