Thursday, May 08, 2008

Needles & Pins - Part 2

Yesterday was my first acunpuncture appointment for my headaches. I have to tell you, it was really -- really good!

Surprisingly, I wasn't at all nervous - and I think it's because I'm at a good place with my decision to do this. It's something I want to try, and so it's not as if I was dreading the situation. I was very relaxed, and the whole experience for me was a positive one.

I don't know if anyone out there reading this has had acupuncture before and can corroborate what I'm about to say, but I absolutely felt something special happen in my body with each needle. My body reacted to each and every one, and in a very positive way. Whether it was a relaxation of the muscles in that area, or a sensation in another area that was a direct result of that needle - I felt it. And yes, I did have one needle in my head, that truthfully - was my very favorite one. It had me feeling as if a gentle pressure was being applied to the top of my head and it felt so good. I am a very laid back and easy going person -- very low stress. That does not mean that I am not energetic and constantly on the go. I very rarely "relax" in the true sense of the word. Even when I have a massage, I never am so relaxed that I could fall asleep. Yoga and Savasana will do that if I take an evening class occasionally - but not to the point that I was yesterday. I was so completely relaxed, that I almost felt drunk. I felt like I couldn't speak properly. Must be all the good Qi (chee) running through me.

Whatever it was, I really enjoyed it. So, I'm beginning a series of preventative treatments and hopefully I'll see an improvement in either the amount, or the severity of the headaches I have.

Anyone have any acupuncture experiences they'd want to share?


Bob said...

I have a brother who has sworn by accupunture for years. In fact he has a practice in CA.

nichole m said...

I don't know much about it from a scientific perspective, but I've always thought that it wouldn't have been around for hundreds (maybe thousands?) of years if it was a scam.

Glad it worked!

Suldog said...

You sure it's not just because it feels so good when they take the needles OUT?

(Just kidding...)

I'm glad to hear that it's working well. And I'm very interested in hearing more of your first-hand accounts of the experience. MY WIFE has been troubled by migraines for years, so perhaps this is something she can try, other than very expensive drugs.

Rebecca said...

Hey SulDog - I'll definitely keep you all updated. I'm very anti-drug, just because 1.) you know those evil pharmaceutical companies have everyone addicted to something just so they can rule the world - and 2.) I'm a control freak and truthfully think it's possible to manage pain in ways other than with narcotic/maskers.