Saturday, May 17, 2008

C'est la vie...

Ah yes. Birthday season is upon us....which means it's also the beginning of my semi-annual rants regarding the lack of courtesy people have with regards to responding to invitations.

For those of you whom have heard this before - my apologies. Feel free to browse through the archives to last year, I'm sure I've got something similar to what I'm about to say now.

Birthday parties at my house are no joke. They're all out bashes. They're almost as much for the grownups as they are for the kids. Every year, the party generally ranges from 60-70 people. This means I cook up a storm. I'm cooking throughout the whole event, grillmaster extraordinaire, thank you very much. This year, I cut back on the amount of invitations to my friends, because my son invited his whole first grade class - which means potentially 19 children and their families. Again, trying to keep myself to the 60-80 person range, give or take a few.

We may actually end up with far less, due to the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend. But who the heck knows since only ten people have RSVPd thus far. So, even though I know I'm making enough food for 100 people, it would be lovely to not have to if I'm only going to have 45 people. At least have a ball park figure to base on for silly things, like favors for the kids, or seating.

Funny thing is, I've had people say to me, "if it looks like the weather won't be good, we'll be there. Otherwise we may go away..". I get that. At the same time, it sort of rings with a tone of "if we have nothing better to do...". I know that isn't truly the case, after all - it's a long holiday weekend, as opposed to just a random Saturday. But it doesn't help the party planning any!

So off to the soccer field we're going now. I just baked a tremendously heavy tray of lasagna, and baked ziti; thinking ahead to freeze so that I can just warm it up on Saturday. I love when I'm ahead of the game, and my goal is to not be running around like crazy on Friday other than to just get my food at the Restaurant Depot.

What do they say about the best laid plans??


Suldog said...

Well, being childless, I don't get to too many birthday parties. Yes, I'm an uncle, so I get my share, but overall? Not too many. However, I love lasagna, so that part of the post made me drool :-)

Nichole M said...

Wait, wait, wait. So if you invite a kid from school, you have to invite their whole family?? If that's the case, I'm going to be a very bad mommy because that's not gonna happen. I'm also bitchy enough to not feed someone who didn't rsvp -- "Gosh, if I *knew* you were coming, I would have bought more food. I think I have some Wheat Thins in the pantry?"