Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's Wednesday....and so many things to say today!

1.  Are they together or aren't they?  Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo - on or off.  Clearly, this is the burning topic on everyone's mind today.  Between them and Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer - I don't know how the world will function properly without the critical minute-to-minute updates on their relationship status.  And here I was wondering whether they've found survivors in China…or who murdered an innocent family in Utah.  Not that I don't love a little bit of fluff now and again - does it really require CNN Breaking news alerts on whether The Cowboys Quarterback & The Blonde Bombshell are together or not?

2.  Speaking of fluff…that's the perfect segue to my little whine about how I'm entirely out of my favorite things.  Must get ASAP:  MAC LipGloss in Cushy White; The Body Shop Body Butter in Brazil Nut as well as Almond;  and most importantly, I desperately need fun new shoes for spring!!  DSW and/or Burlington Coat Factory are clearly calling my name.  As is Ms. Ann Taylor - she and I have not had a visit in quite sometime and I assure you -- it's looong overdue.

3.  Matt Walsh is an idiot.  As is the management and editorial staff at the Boston Herald.  I smell "slander and libel" in the air.   'Nuff said.  

4.  So the last few games of for the Sox have been frustrating.  Here's the thing…there must be something going on in the background as far as a player/pitcher that might be available that the trade rumors haven't picked up on yet.  Because we're not all that strong in middle relief ourselves - to let Tavarez go right now…?  I'm not sure what the thought process is on that, but clearly time will tell in what…roughly 8 days?   Games where we come back from behind and win - are always a good thing.  Games where we come back and lose….not so good.

5.  Speaking of the Sox, I'm very excited to attend the upcoming Celebrity mini golf tournament hosted by none other than….the Captain, Jason Varitek.  I don't know if anyone would remember from my posting last year that a friend of mine attended and got pictures taken with him and had a great time.  So, this year - one of my friends and I are planning on attending - and then promptly enjoying a lovely sushi dinner at a wonderful restaurant closeby afterwards.    I'm so excited, it should be so much fun - and again, charity towards a fantastic cause - which really is the most important thing about going.  (Okay, it's tied with the fact that he's going to be there, I've gotta be honest.) 

6.  And lastly, the weather report is not looking that good for this weekend which may really put a damper on my gardening efforts.  I plan on getting those tomato plants into the ground a week early so as not to conflict with the birthday party weekend I the following Memorial weekend.  Two birthday parties, one for my son - the other for my nephew (both born on the same day which is pretty cool) - and then the Memorial Day parade on Monday, in which my son will be marching with either his baseball or his soccer team.  I haven't presented that little dilemma to him yet.  But I digress….so this evening I'll be off to buy my hanging petunias and the such for the porch, and eyeball the plants to see how sturdy they look before committing them to the ground this weekend.    Tomatoes, Squash, Peppers & Eggplant -- along with basil, chives, and cilantro will be on my shopping list.  Anyone see any hearty looking plants in their travels in the North shore area or Metro West areas of Boston….do tell!   I usually go to Erics in Reading or Boston Flower Market in North Reading -- but am always open to suggestions….


~**Dawn**~ said...

I do not understand what is going on with the Sox. And I don't feel a ton of confidence in Lester this afternoon. Hopefully whatever it is will be cured by an off-day, going back to Boston, and some interleague play which seems to agree with the Sox.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Oh & as for the Herald/Walsh debaucle? I am thinking someone will need to pay dearly.