Monday, May 05, 2008

Pink-o De Me-oh

So, today when I got my nails done, I had a color dilemma. I have to tell you, with my being a rather plain Jane in that area - I'm traditionally either a classic French Manicure type, very neutral/natural type -- or, deep dark reds. Usually not a tough decision. But today...a dilemma ensued.

I found some fun and bright pinks that I just could not tear myself away from! It was either going to be a very fun and vibrant pink, such as "I'm India Mood for Love", or something a little more subdued as "Aphrodite's Pink Nightie" - but it was a little too shimmery. So, I ended up with the very Easter-eggish shade of "Got a Date To-Knight". Which, if I'm being completely honest -- I don't love. Clearly just a sign that I am too pale looking and need to have my sunless tanner start making it's appearance for the season. So, note to self: Please don't use pale, pale flat colors when not tan. Really, not a good look.

Moving on...

It's Cinco De Mayo! Totally a great opportunity to throw back a few Margaritas or in my case - Cervasas to celebrate the....hmmm. What are we celebrating again? Oh right - the independence of Mexico. Well, sort of. The troops from Spain didn't actually leave, despite the declaration of independence. Ah. And yes, us here in America eat drink and be merry to celebrate the independence of a country who's people we don't want here any longer?

Interesting, the irony. But I I sip on my Cervasa.

Hasta manyana mi amiga/amigos.
GO SOX. (Same in all languages I do believe....)


martie said...

I think they are celebrating the defeat of the French actually, not their independence! But I don't care.......celebrate and enjoy the Margarita's for whatever reason....;)

Oh and by the way, I tagged you with a meme.....stop over and see what you need to do!

~**Dawn**~ said...

"Go Sox!" is like CocaCola or McDonald's -- definitely the same in all languages. ;-)

I can't do pale colors on my nails either. Except for silver for some reason. I love love love doing them a deep red though. It's striking in contrast to my pale skin. One of my favorites from when I used to get my nails done regularly was Blackberry Brandy.

nichole m said...

Oh! I'm *dying* to put "I'm India Mood for Love" on my tosies! I just took off "Monsooner or Later." Took a chance with that one... it's pretty orange-y. But I really liked it!