Monday, May 19, 2008

Carbs, not carbonara!

I'm absolutely obsessing over spaghetti today. 

I'm not exactly sure why either.  I sort of had a touch of food poisoning yesterday, I got really really sick after eating something - and while I'm feeling much better today, I still haven't ventured into eating anything terribly heavy.  I'm going to go running in a few minutes after I leave, and so I'm sort of obsessing over having a nice bowl of angelhair or spaghettini with red sauce for dinner tonight.   Not tough to crack the code - my body must be craving carbs.

It's quite a busy week ahead for me.  Tonight is I believe the only  night that I don't have something going on with either baseball, soccer, or party planning.   I'm really looking forward to Saturday, I've yet to peek at the extended weather report just yet; I've got the tent ordered and ready for delivery but I'm just keeping those fingers crossed for no rain.  Cold, we can do.  Rain, we don't want. 

I tried Tresca in the North End the other night for dinner.  It was very, very good.  But…. (putting on my unofficial food critic hat here)  the menu was very creative, taste combination wise; but servings are very petite for the pricing.  The atmosphere was lovely, the service was decent.  And the wine list was absolutely tremendous.  Phe-nomenal.  I'm glad I went once, but I wasn't bowled over - and not really sure that I'd actually go again when looking for someplace to eat while in the North End.  

Just my humble opinion…


Hale McKay said...

Hi there neighbor. I haven't dropped by in a while. I see you are doing well.

I've been to Tresca once. It was okay - but I wasn't overly impressed, especially with the small servings and not so small price tag.

MOnday night I went to my first Red Sox game in a long, long time (free ticket with a friend).

I almost didn't go because it was cold and windy. The last time I declined a ticket - Roger Clemens struck out 20 Seattle Mariners.

I wasn't expecting history - but I witnessed Lester's No-Hitter! It was my first no-hitter.

I thought of you and wondered if you might have been there.

Go Sox! Go Celtics!

Hale McKay said...

Re: My previous comment. That is a link to my posting about the game. Here it is again if you are interested.

Lester's No-Hitter

Rebecca said...

Hey Hale! how are you?
I AM well... I don't get to blog surf very frequently anymore which is why you haven't seen me at all. :(

I watched the no hitter on tv. Got a post coming up today about it.

How awesome was that!! You were SO LUCKY to be there. FANTASTIC!

I will check out your post later tonight when I get home! :)

Thomas said...

If I could make a recommendation for a place to eat in the North End, I would suggest Cantina Italiana. It was recommended years ago by a buddy that lives in the North End and it has yet to disappoint!

Rebecca said...

Thomas - so funny, thats my ABSOLUTE favorite place to eat in the North End, outside of Pizzeria Regina of course! ;)