Thursday, May 29, 2008

Felt like being home again...

I just got back from the wake. I'd have liked to have stayed longer but then timing for my sitter just wouldn't permit.

I was so nervous on my way there; Sherry's always been so fragile, I was almost afraid to see how she would be. And I was so pleased to see how strong she was. And I was even more pleased to see the tremendous turnout. Hundreds of people, which is so important for the family I think.

It was so good to see her family again. Growing up, they were a second family to me practically - I was at their house constantly. Seeing her brother and sister, her aunts and uncles, mother and father -- it was like old times once again, after the initial tears. But nothing felt as good as seeing Sherry. It has been just far too long...for both myself and her - and with her and her family. Times haven't been easy and the waters haven't been smooth - but sometimes the positive that comes out of tragedy is that it puts life into perspective. Life is just too short.

I'm so tired. It's the first time I cried in years. It felt so good to hug her. And I so wish I could've stayed until the end of the night to be able to talk with her after the crowd subsides...but that will have to wait until a quieter time.

Thank you so much to everyone who sent well wishes and was kind enough to donate. The family seems to be doing well despite all of this, and I am just so thrilled to see the outpouring from everyone for their sake. That is what they need most the next few weeks.

Thank you again.

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