Saturday, September 17, 2005

Snap into a Slim Jim...

Everyone is different - some are sugar people; some are salt - some may be both. I am a total salt person. Forget the pastries and cakes; I'm not even that big of a fan of chocolate - I'm all about the salt, the food. Dessert for me is chips and a great onion dip, or tortilla chips and guacamole. If I go out on a limb and have something "sweet", it's got to be something with peanut butter in it (again, salt), or cheese based like a cheesecake. Keep the ice cream, cake, pies -- and save them for someone else. I'd rather eat a good steak for dinner and then possibly some pepperoncinis and hot sausage with a glass of wine for my after dinner treat.

What I find pretty interesting, is that I'm the only one in my family who is this way. My mom is a HUGE sweets person; (clarification: my mom is not huge - just her love for sweets!) same with my sister. My dad is probably both, because I know he absolutely has a sweet tooth, but he also over indulges in salt on occasion as well. Hmmm. Okay, a little genetics here - remember in science class when you'd make the "tic tac toe" board and say "Blue Eyed Male, Brown Eyed Female, Two Offspring..." and then determine by odds which color eyes the kids would have based upon the dominant gene? (I"m sure I've hacked the process in my translation - but you get the picture.) It appears that in my family I'm carrying the recessive salt gene. That's okay - I'm also the only one in the family with green eyes too.

Seems like I'm just the leader in the recessive gene pool in my family. Who da' thunk it? :)

So today, in lieu of birthday (and wedding cake), I'm looking forward to the Prime Rib Au Jus I selected as my dinner choice. It doesn't get much better than that!


bricotrout said...

i dont know about the prime rib part, but you are the only other person besides me who knows my pain. i am so tired of getting looks from adults and children alike as if i should be in a straight jacket when i say im not a big sweets person. i live for chips and find chocolate about as appealing as a gay man must find breasts.
rest assured, youre not alone!!

Jerry said...

Rebecca...have a great Birthday Dinner it sounds great.

I have to say there really is something to say about good french fries, hot and salty with a steak and salad. Toasted with a fine Red I'm starving.

Happy Birthday!!!
Have fun see ya Monday!

clew said...

Hi Rebecca! I surfed over from Lori's blog (Thoughts of Laurel) and just wanted to say I'm with ya on the salt! Well, I like sweets too, but I adore salty stuff. Just last night the buds and I went out for sushi. Mmm, fish and soy sauce. Yeah baby.

Here's the king of snacks for me: chocolate (or yogurt) covered pretzels. Sweet AND salty. AMBROSIA!!! :)

Enjoyed the blog - see ya again soon!

clew said...

p.s. Happy Birthday! :D

Kodijack said...

I am a huge steak person. I would much, much, much (triple much, everyone do a shot) rather have a great steak. Take the cake, all of it, and leave the week old cold breakfast sausage, I will be fine.

But to be a woman and not like chocolate, now that is different.

Rebecca said...

Hi Clew: Thanks for popping in! Feel free to pop in often... I'm with ya on the covered pretzels. Again - it's the salt that motivates me. :)

Kodi: Yes, I'm like - the anti chocolate girl. I don't even like hot chocolate anymore. Weird huh? ;)