Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A memory for a lifetime...

This post is something that all you expecting Moms will appreciate - especially if you know that you're having a boy.

I've always heard that the bond between a Mom and her Son is truly a special one; my son and I at this tender stage of his life, definitely have one. He's 4, and he's not shy at all about sharing his feelings about me. He'll announce in the middle of dinner, out of the blue - that I'm beautiful. Or he'll see me after taking a bath, in my comfy red robe and tell me that I "look like a princess". Two days ago, he must've heard my husband and I talking about some issues we had with some people, and we weren't naming names so that little ears wouldn't know who we were referring to. (We can't spell anymore - at 4, he knows how to spell everyone's names!) A few minutes after the conversation, he said "Mommy, if someone doesn't like you - or thinks you're not beautiful - you just ignore them, ok?" Great words of advice, aren't they?

So tonight, we were doing our usual bedtime routine of where Daddy tells him stories and I sing him songs, and he looks at me and says: "Mommy, someday when I get older, like - 6 or 7 - can you not be my Mom anymore, and be my girlfriend so I can marry you?". And I laughed and said "No T - I'm always going to be your Mom, and besides - 6 is far too young to get married!" And so he looks and says "how about when I'm 11? That's a really long time from now". And so I said "No honey, I'm sorry - I'm always going to be your Mommy, but that's okay - I know you really love me!" He follows that up with "Ok, but when I'm 20 I think I'm marrying you anyway".

The love between a mother and child is so precious and pure - if I could only capture it and keep it forever; however, chances are - I'll have to remind him of this conversation when he gets older, and forgets how much he loved me because I've grounded him for some reason befitting most teenagers. I'm a wealthy person though, because I'm a good mom, I've got wonderful children - and I gain new memories like this on a daily basis that I can keep close to my heart; for times when my children grow up and forget that "Mommy looks like a princess".....or is their "most favorite person in the world".


GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

That is such a great story!

clipper829 said...

I loved this post :)