Monday, September 12, 2005

Can you say "Obsessive Compulsive"?

After watching the 9/11 special I referred to in my post from yesterday, I then watched "Breaking Bonaduce". Wow, is that a fast moving car wreck! And, he openly admits it - as a matter of fact, I believe that in the opening sequence, he describes himself by using an analogy that I use frequently: "Like a car wreck - you're horrified, but just can't stop watching!" This my friends, is being kind. However, it is true - I was riveted. I can't wait for the next episode, because he's going to go from being OCD about drinking - to being this juicehead w/ steroids. And believe me, from the previews - he gets pretty big rather quickly. I feel badly for him, there's definitely something wrong there. And yet, despite the roughness and craziness - I still think he looks hot sometimes. Do I need an intervention or what?!?! hahahha. Kidding. About the thinking he looks hot. Yes, this reality show has removed the delusions of grandeur I had while he was on "The Other Side", as mentioned in my previous post from last week.

I just interviewed a potential new sitter; she seems very nice. She's a special needs teacher, and she works with severely challenged children which speaks volumes about who she is as a person. Working with my kids should be a nice breath of fresh air - although she does truly seem to love her kids. She even takes some of them on weekends. So I definitely get a good feeling about her. She came with her husband (also a special needs teacher) and her 5 week old son. I'm pkay with her bringing her son, because the ages of my children and her son are so far apart - there's no competitiveness for attention. And - she knows how to work with more than one child at a time. We'll see... I'm also interviewing a "nana" type this week as well. This is so difficult to do. I wish I was independently wealthy and didn't have to work.... But until such time, this is the cross I have to bear for being a working mom, out of necessity - not choice.

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GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

That has got to be hard. I hope you find who you are looking for to watch your kids! : )