Thursday, September 08, 2005

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

My husband and I watched a movie last night...."Shall We Dance". Definitely not one of the better movies I've seen. Barely a rental. Jennifer Lopez' role in the movie was almost inconsequential - it was like they threw her in there, just to give her a role. And there was zero character development. However, that being said....can I just tell you? I adore Richard Gere. Young Richard Gere - I could do without. But since Pretty Woman, I've come to the realization that I would watch any movie - even one as poor as "Shall We Dance" just because he's in it. There's something about the softness of his tone and his demeanor that just makes me fall in love with him.

I'm not one of those girls that's really into alot of different actors. I'm very particular and only have very few "LOVES". Brad Pitt is by FAR my favorite (despite his fixation with his leading ladies that ruined his marriage. Wait - am I being judgemental? After all, it was only a few months ago that I was blaming Jenn for the breakup! I'm going to have to save that for a different post, after all - Brad/Jenn/Angelina are deserving of their own little rant! Aha...but, I've digressed!). And now that I'm thinking about it - he's probably the only other actor that I "love love love" not just as an actor - but as

my "make pretend boyfriend". (Other than Jason Varitek of the Sox, who's not an actor - but again - I digress....)

This is not to disqualify my "not so secret" adoration of some odd characters: Kid Rock, Billy Ray Cyrus (the Achey-Breaky days, yes - I liked the mullet!) and Ralph Malph. Yes, Ralph Malph - I totally dig red heads. Not Carrot top, thank you very much. But I did sort of have a crush on (dare I say it), Danny Bonaduce when he was on that men's version of "The View". Now that I see he's got a new reality show coming up - he's looking a little rough. So, he's going to have to come off of my list.

Is my taste eclectic? Yes. Hinging on bizarre - sure. But with men like Brad Pitt and Richard Gere leading the way, where else can you go but down - right?


GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

I love Richard Gere too! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Come back and visit often. After all we are both fellow bostonites!

Tish Grier said...

ah! the thought of eye candy! Some men, like Gere, get better as they get older. The gray hair thing, the fitness, but not overly muscle-y, like Brad Pitt was in Troy...something kind of unnatural about a 40 year old man with a bod like that. Makes me think "what kind of surgery has he had???"

I've been known to watch movies just for the eye candy. It's highly sexist of me, but, hey, it's fun! one of my faves is Stormship Troopers--a really *bad* film, in many ways, but gad! the eye candy! it's fabulous.

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