Monday, January 31, 2011

Mmmkay. I'm a little bored with all the snow. Just sayin'...

And, I'm a little bit frustrated that I have yet to start yoga because it seems every week we have a blizzard or two - which means the kids don't go to school, or I get 8 trucks in one day.

And the poor little kiddies are thinking that they'll either go into late June - or even worse, make up time on a Saturday. (Hmmm. School on Saturdays? Mommy might get some shopping time in....might not be such a bad idea after all! Oh, I'm only kidding...I wouldn't really want to see the kiddies go on the weekend.)

In other late breaking news, we just finished having a family dinner watching the WWE Royal Rumble - and wow, what a disappointment the end result was. Any of you wrestling fans out there will appreciate what I'm saying; and for me, I was quiet disappointed that Edge did not make an appearance. But it was a good show otherwise, and the kiddies certainly enjoyed seeing some of their favorites - and a few favorite formerly retired surprises - show up and join in on the fun .

The house we looked at two weeks ago, we really love and hope that we are going to be able to secure a buyer for our home so we can purchase it. It's one of those "timing will be everything" kind of deals, so fingers crossed. In the meantime, Saturday was our 7 year anniversary living in our home now. Funny little tidbit: this is the longest G and I have ever lived in a house. We typically end up moving/selling in 3 years.

But this house we're hoping for now....that would be the last house. At least until we got old enough to want to downsize. Though truthfully - I don't know if I'll ever want to do that. I will always want a large, family home that I can have my children and someday grandchildren - congregate in whenever they want.

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