Thursday, January 27, 2011

Warning: The following is a tear jerker....

So, I happened to receive a newsletter from Boston Children's Hospital today. I am on their list because 1.) We donate to them yearly, and 2.) My children go there when/if God forbid there is ever anything wrong that requires more than the local ER can provide.

It is absolutely amazing and devastating at the same time how modern medicine can save lives - yet still can't for some. The headline of the story read: "10 year old's heart saves life of an 8 year old". Naturally, I had to read.


If you follow the link to see the article, (and I think you should, it's truly a beautiful story) just be prepared that they show you photographs of the young boy; for me as both a parent in general - and as a parent of a little boy the same age - it was very difficult to make it through with dry eyes.

As a parent, I can't imagine the devastation and loss for one family; but on the flip side - I can't imagine the pain & anguish of the other family who's daughter was the fortunate recipient. Life is sometimes somber and cruel...but I firmly believe that we're all placed here on Earth for a reason. And that little boy was clearly meant to be the angel for another; but even that positive and rose colored bright light can never, ever diminish the family's loss.

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