Monday, January 03, 2011

Holy Resolutions Batman!

So, one of my resolutions was accomplished today. Well, one and a half - actually.

Not only did I take a half day today -- but I actually went to the movies!
G & I went to see "The Fighter".
Really a good movie; but wow - the buzz surrounding Christian Bale is no joke. He was fantastic.
And for those of us who are from the Boston area and are familiar with Dicky Ecklund & Micky Ward can truly appreciate the performance. Top notch, without doubt.

And then.....
after the kids went to bed, we watched "The Book of Eli". I love Denzel anyway, so I figured it would be good, but such a thoughtful and creative movie. I really enjoyed the premise and all the analogies and comparisons to the Catholic religion, as well as our own humanity and often times - lack thereof.

Two movies in one day.
Looks like I'm off to a good start, eh?

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