Friday, January 21, 2011

Hey there, hi there, ho there - you're as welcome as can be!

Clearly, I've given the blog a face lift.

I was bored. You know, I go through these phases where I feel like the site looks stagnant - and while there aren't any templates that are exactly the way I'd like to have my place - at least I've got the opportunity to freshen up every now and again.

Oh - American Idol update: So, as much as I loved, loved, loved Simon Cowell - the truth is, I didn't miss him these last two nights. I mean, maybe in the future I will - but for now, I'm good with Steven Tyler & Jennifer Lopez as replacements. Sure it's all fuzzy fuzzy right now, but first off - Jennifer is stunning. STUNNING. And, she's seemingly genuinely nice. Love her. Steven Tyler on the other hand - is already making lacivious comments which I wondered how someone who's practically had little girls throwing themselves on him his whole life would be in a role of judgement. That aside - he's just a riot. And, they are no joke -- its not like Ellen DeGeneres as a judge, who has zero insight in the music industry. These two are the real deal - and I have respect for them as artists in the industry, so why wouldn't they be fantastic judges.

Speaking of theatrics and talent...tomorrow, I'm taking my son T on an audition. It seems that Mr. Mark Wahlberg is making yet another Boston based film and there is a casting call for boys his age. He is beyond excited - and I have to keep reminding him that truly, they may just look at him - ask a question or two - and then he may never hear from them again. Or....maybe he will. It's a experience none the less, and that in of itself is fun.

Tomorrow's the "gathering of the girls". For those of you who have been reading regularly - you know that myself and my best girlfriends used to meet monthly and have themed potlucks; well - life has gotten in everyone's way and so now some of us might meet in smaller groups throughout the year - but all 14 of us get together at Christmas. The girl who always hosts in December had surgery so we've postponed until tomorrow night. Guaranteed to be a night full of laughs and I should have some fun pictures to share.

Speaking of pictures - I've got some great ones of the Pat's game that we'd all like to forget about. I'll share them, once the disappointment fades a little bit more.

Besides, pitchers & catchers report for Spring Training on Valentine's Day....the best Valentine's Day gift ever.

In the meantime, life goes on....
However you're spending your weekend, I hope it's filled with laughter and love.

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