Thursday, January 06, 2011

Dear Rex Ryan:

Um... you might want to take that foot out of your mouth, please.

(Oh wait, you like that. Or is it your wife? I can't keep up - the chaos and drama is changing daily with you. Sorry.....)

Not only do you sound like a complete idiot, trying to appease Peyton Manning after making yourself look foolish for ripping him apart -- you then turn around and insult Tom Brady.
Come on now Rex... your wins this season weren't "stunning". It wasn't like they were blow outs, or with precision like performance. Not to say a win isn't a win - but let's be honest. Mark Sanchez isn't in even close to the same category as Tom Brady, or your new crush - Peyton.
All show no go -- can only carry you so far.
Let's see what this weekend holds, shall we....

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