Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dear Mr President....

So, I'm watching the State of the Union right now.

I have to tell you, he's a fabulous speaker. Magnaminous, eloquent, and inspirational. I love listening to his speeches because you can't help but gravitate to him and feel warm and safe.

However, I do disagree with many of his policies; he's far too liberal for my taste.
But as a person, how can one not enjoy him.

Politics becomes so personal - because it's about things we care deeply about.
But we should be able to take the hostility and resentment towards the individual who holds the office and eliminate it; because when the day is done - it's just their job. Whether we agree or disagree with the angles that they take - you have to hope that their vision is with the best of intent for our country.

And how can you hold that against someone, on a personal level?
I, for one - can't do that.


Suldog said...

I feel fairly much the same about him. Heck of a good speaker, seems like a nice fellow and sincere. Just because I disagree with him on a few issues, no need to personally diss him.

Martie said...

I agree he is a great speaker....yet I feel I'm not getting the whole picture and truth from him. But I also can't remember a politician that I ever felt that I got the truth from!

Rebecca said...

Exactly. His speech, while warm and fuzzy was NOT a State of the Union address so much as it was a "re-elect" me pitch.

He can't be all things to both parties; you can't say you need to cut spending and still forge ahead in various areas. He cut Space Programs and then says we need a "Sputnik moment". He says that we're in good shape with the help of the budget cuts -- those were Budget Cuts that Bush brought forth - that Obama voted AGAINST.

So while I like him as a person, and he's very effective as a spokes person - I personally feel at this time our country needs a person who's more business and financially oriented. JMHO