Friday, January 28, 2011

Okay, so maybe I'm a bit bored with all this snow.

Yup. We got another foot of snow.

Last storm, my town was touted as having received the "jackpot" with the most snow at like 24.9" or something. Then we got another 12" yesterday; so, my daughter and I went out and I was trying to get her to go sledding down our yard - and I stepped into what used to be my front lawn -- and it was up to my mid thigh!

Today, the kids called me in work to tell me that my daughter got stuck in a snowbank today!! Literally sunk in - and couldn't get out - I swear to God. I guess with the warm air and sunshine today the snow got heavy and she sunk in up to her chest. My son had to climb in and pull her out... my sitter didn't have ski pants, so my son ran in and got his and pulled her out. No easy feat, trust me - Princess Petunia is rapidly approaching his height and weight! It's funny how girls spring up so much younger than boys do typically....

I'm convinced that Spring is right around the corner. We're almost there - if we can just get to March 1st, it will be all good.

Think positive things - and they happen.
Isn't that the "Secret" to life?

Alright, well maybe we can't wish Spring upon us....but it certainly doesn't hurt anyone to try.

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~**Dawn**~ said...

Spring *is* right around the corner. 14 days til Pitchers & Catchers!