Sunday, January 02, 2011

Keeps getting better....

Each year, of course I have resolutions -- as do most of us. And, I try really hard to stick to them - sometimes it works, and other times....well, not so much. But I think it's important to at least outline goals - and something personal to work towards, otherwise - there is no way to keep growing in life.

So, the following are my goals for the year 2011. Some, are rather superficial in the big scheme of things, but they're important for me; others are genuine improvements. So I'm just going to throw them all up in the air -- and we'll see what sticks!

1. More time for me. Whether it's reading a book (which I don't often do), going to a movie (which I never do!) or just taking a day to browse through the outlets (which I haven't done in over a year!) - I'm going to make the time -- even better, TAKE the time -- to do it. I deserve it, and truly - I'm self employed and can do it!

2. Run, Breathe, Salute. We all think about exercising the first of the year - but now is the time I actually have to try and get back in the swing of things again. Running, and definitely yoga. Now I can go back to going in the mornings and not have to feel guilty showing up at the store after 10; not that I had to feel guilty before, but I'm so flipping driven and responsible - and truth be told, I love my job. But I am going to get on a solid regiment to feel healthy and strong once again.
2a. Run a 5k - possibly a 10k.

3. Patience and better language. I am going to try really hard to be more patient at home - and try really hard to watch my words.

4. Better organization. Ah yes, this is one on my list every year - mostly because I always can stand for room to improve in this area in some aspect of my life, like laundry. I hate doing laundry, I'm not going to lie. So that's an area I could stand better organization on. I just bought myself a day planner so I'm better organized in scheduling; not that there's so much going on in life that I need one, but hey - it certainly doesn't hurt any.

5. Not be so compulsive about organization. Okay, so I can't breathe when the house isn't organized. It makes me feel suffocated when I see clutter in a drawer - especially if it's a drawer I've already organized; I am going to try to not be so frustrated when that happens because I live in a house with 3 other people who aren't the least bit organized. Or even tidy. Two of them are children, so I can let that slide - but the other one just acts like a child, and it drives me insane. I'm going to try to let that go.... I can't promise though.

And while there's probably more I can list - and there's definitely more I can improve upon, this is my first shot at the list.

What are you resolving to change this year?

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Suldog said...

Well... nothing, really. See my post for today for details :-)