Saturday, January 08, 2011

Home Sweet Home....

I am so loving this weekend.

I took the tree down this morning and finally got my house back to "normal". (Listen, I've got 2 kids, a husband, a father visiting from out of town, a dog and two cats - define "normal". At least it looks "normal"...) It felt great to put everything away and see my den empty again. Not to say I don't love the Christmas tree and it's glow - because I do; and I miss the pretty lights (we kept them on every night right up until last night....), but it's time.

We had a birthday party down the street for Princess Petunia to attend, and when we came home it was Chinese food on the table - and the Jets/Colts game just about to start. I find it hard to believe I'm sitting here rooting for the Colts. (I actually think I may have thrown up in my mouth a little, just writing the words...!) But listen, the Colts suck because they're a great team -- the Jets, well - they just suck.

Tomorrow, there is nothing going on in this girl's world. I've got a pork roast marinating, and outside of a little laundry - I've got nothing to do but relax! My son is going over a friend's house - and my daughter will I'm sure, keep me quite busy.

So, I'm happy to report on this Saturday night that all is well in my corner of the world. I've got football, kids quiet and Yankee Candle "Christmas Eve" candle glowing - and some fabulously decadent Island Bakery Organic Chocolate Ginger cookies. If I can get a solid night's sleep, that would be a bonus.

If I was a cat, I think I would be purring.....

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~**Dawn**~ said...

My tree came down Saturday as well. But my snowflakes stayed up & my snowmen came out to play among them for the duration of Winter. =)

I was "rooting" for the Jets, only because I would rather face them than Peyton. He scares me.