Sunday, October 19, 2008

Late nights...long days....

And so goes baseball postseason.

It's been a fantastic weekend thus far. Saturday, I took the kiddies to Applecrest for their corn roast and some pumpkin picking. Despite the fact that my son was in a mood -- quite unusual for him actually -- it was a good time. My girlfriend joined us, and stayed for dinner (sushi, natch...) while we carved a pumpkin, made some roasted pumpkin seeds and a pumpkin pie.

Of course Game 6 followed shortly thereafter -- and it was nothing short of awesome to see, once of course we could actually watch it. TBS has shown that the big league games should be left to FOX. No offense TBS, but couldn't you have kicked the feed to another one of your porfolio stations, such as TNT - or whomever it is that you toggle back and forth with...? And if not -- then clearly, you need a contingency plan. Hello, risk mitigation...that's like Program/Project Managememt 101. And lest they not understand -- Game 6 is a huge project.

Similiar to the MLB and their umpire strategy. Surely there must be a recall roster so to speak regarding who's next in line should there be an injury. Though from what I understand --the delay had more to do with equipment and more than likely suiting up (?) than determining what to do.

Oh, and for all of you who stomp on my dear Captain... how do you like him now? Listen, I know that he's a situational liability at times - but must I remind you of all that he brings to the plate. He's our 9th hitter -- it's okay. If Francona would just leave him there, maybe the pressure would be off a bit and then the hitting will come back. And - might I remind you of the personal issues that's he's gone through this season. I'm sure that takes a toll - and the more he tries to not have it affect him - is probably making it affect him that much more. (No worries Jason, I've got your back!)

Today, the kids and I did the Autism Speaks Walk for Autism at Suffolk Downs. My nephew is Autistic and we had a little team together. Can I just tell you -- it was not only a madhouse there -- but flipping freezing! We had a good time though, and next time we'll try to get there a little earlier so it's not so chaotic trying to meet up with everyone. My sister made these cute Tshirts for us all to wear, but we walked from Egypt to get there (yes, we were parked that far back!) and the kids were so cold there was no way I was making them take off their coats to put it on. But they're wearing the shirts tomorrow to school anyway. My son is really proud of the fact that they helped his cousin - and best friend.

That leaves us with tonight -- Game 7.
Cautious optimism, hoping the momentum doesn't stray...

I am thrilled, excited and fortunate to be a part of the history that is the Boston Red Sox.

T-minus 35 minutes to game time....
All eyes on the ball....!


Anonymous said...

2008 Red Sox......RIP
Rays win Game 7... 3-1

Rebecca said...

Ah yes Anonymous ---
It's over.
But it was one thrill of a ride... :)

Suldog said...

Congratulations to the Rays. They played well under game seven pressure, and they deserved it.

You'll probably like my piece today - it's about how I had breakfast with Yooooooook :-)

Nichole M said...

Oh, we went to Applecrest every year that we were living in New England! After finding it miraculously the first year, we had no reason to search for another orchard. Love me some cider donuts!

Tek had personal issues? I hadn't heard that. Add that to the lack of success at the plate. Oy vey. Poor guy.