Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story...

And isn't that the truth?

Kids are funny.... they come up with all these crazy costume ideas.

My son is going as "Vampire SpiderMan".

(Not to be confused with Vlad Spiderman, the elderly Romanian immigrant.)

That's right - his favorite web slinging superhero turned nocturnal blood sucker.

He's already got his Spidey costume -- so we just bought some teeth and makeup, complete with fake blood to add those perfect finishing touches.

My daughter, had initially said she was going to be a "good witch, who was nice to dogs and people but killed all the criminals in the world.". Sort of like "Glinda the Superhero Witch". How's that for imagination?

Except, that when we went to the Halloween store to get her costume and accessories -- she found the above pictured costume that is just perfect for her! Truly says it all about my little Princess Petunia.
So now, what's Mom going to be?
Well, I generally end up being "Rock Star Mom".
But maybe this year I'll be a Witch.

My friend Michelle made me a lovely witch's hat last year and you know, I'm feeling a little black cat-like these days.

And you know what I always say....
A little magic can go a long way....!

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