Monday, October 20, 2008

All good things must come to an end...

Okay - so the Sox aren't going to the World Series. Sometimes, it's just not in the cards.
But wasn't that some of the most exciting baseball since '04 that we've been able to be a part of?

This Red Sox organization is something special.
This season is not a heartbreaker - at least not from this girl's perspective.

Was it a disappointing loss? Absolutely - and I can't imagine what that those guys are feeling, though it was abundantly clear during their post game and early a.m. arrival interviews that disappointment is probably an understatement. I don't play the game so I'll never fully understand; but as a spectator -- I have nothing but admiration, respect and pride for their efforts this season.

There has been much adversity that this team has worked through this season - and that certainly can't go overlooked.

Their camaraderie and genuine respect for one another not only shows through in their playing, but in the way they conduct themselves and speak of one another after the loss.

These guys are baseball players - not "celebrities" - despite their status in this town and across the MLB. They are all heart, soul and guts.

Though I'm sad to see the season go....I am proud, thrilled and honored to be able to witness and be a part of the history that is the Boston Red Sox.

(How many days til Spring Training..?)


Nichole M said...

MLB channel! 1/1/09!!! Finally I'll be able to get all the spring training news I pine for in the midst of march madness and hockey playoffs!

Suldog said...

They gave it their all, and you can't ask for more, bless 'em.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I am always sad when the season is done, not just the Sox, but MLB in general. I am wicked proud of them though. What a great season. They fought right to the end--and thankfully did not go out on one of those 13-4 disasters.

3 months, 18 days til pitchers & catchers report, I believe...