Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Magic that is Soxtober....

So, the sleep deprivation felt okay today because it was with a happy ending.
But wow - was that a nailbiter.

I was fuming in the middle of the 8th when I saw Masterson come in. I get that Papelbon had been used alot and Francona was more than likely planning on using him in Game 5 if need be; but I'm sorry - by doing that, they almost gave that game away. Actually, they had given it away, if not for my boy Jason making a great play for an out to get the ball rolling for the win. Bay, Lowrie - it was a deeply dug team effort. (Ask me how many times I've watched the replay of that out at third. Sigh...)

In Francona we trust.... ?

At the same time, man - wasn't it exciting/interesting/fun game to watch? It's much more enjoyable watching a challenging, nervewracking game that means something, than seeing the team just steamroll through a series. This is what the post season is all about -- the guts, the heart, the soul and determination of what means most to these guys.

The Angels made a ton of defensive mistakes which surprised me; and I know that alot of people are saying today that Lester dominated, but truthfully John Lackey pitched an unbelievable game as well. Yes, we've all heard the comments made by Lackey after the game, and while the words are classless -- they're raw, and passionate and in the heat of the moment. He should be angry - his outfield made some errors that lost them opportunities. But hey, that's part of the game.

Man up Lackey.
You win some...you lose some.

And thankfully for us -- we live to win some more.


Suldog said...

Tito gets a pass from me, for the foreseeable future. I promised that, when they won in 2004. I was disagreeing with a lot of his calls then, but I said that if they won, I would complain no more.

I wouldn't have taken Lester out, but it worked. Long live Tito!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I am hoping the 8th & 9th innings of ALDS Game Four were enough to whet the appetites of the Sox. Lord knows we're going to need them in the ALCS. You should be down here. Yikes. (Although, I don't suppose they made a note to watch the 2007 ALCS when the Indians got a little too... confident & ran their mouths...)