Monday, October 06, 2008


"Turn and face the strange...."

Today is my first day in the new office.
I'm cautiously optimistic. The people are nice -- there are only about 15 people in this office for the next month or so -- then we're moving to another building. And I'm the only girl - which is sort of funny. But, I am in the Web Apps department so truly - not a big surprise. Not to say that there aren't girls in this field, as it is I'm replacing a woman who held this position previously; but I think the ratio is far higher leaning towards men. Outside of the brief introductions this morning, everyone has pretty much left me to myself - which is perfectly fine.

The company as well, seems to be very "do your own thing" type of mentality which is a good thing. They respect me as a professional, and treat me as such -- what more can a girl ask for? The company and the office seem very happy to have me here, and so how can I not enjoy the day thus far.

You know, it just didn't feel like it was in the cards for the Sox last night. I fell asleep at the beginning of the 11th, and unfortunately wasn't shocked to wake up and hear that they weren't able to make the sweep. It happens. Beckett was off the mark right from the start - not to say that the umpire's strike zone wasn't all over the map until the 6th inning it seemed -- but you could tell he was "off". And while taking nothing away from the Angels - they really ground out the win -- it just didn't feel like last night was "the night". I am hoping beyond hope that tonight starts off well because seriously, game 5 in CA is not where we want to see this series go.

The Patriots game was scary as well, into the 2d quarter. But fortunately by the time the 3rd quarter came around they seemed a bit more cohesive - and while that's always easier to do when you have a lead, it made it easier to watch the game. Matt Cassel looked better -- the offensive line looked better - but this quarterback of ours still has some growing to do.

Sammy Morris is my new favorite player I think, by the way. Just a little food for thought.

So, for today - life is better. I'm still sick - but feeling better. The new job is so far so good -- if I can get them to take this fluorescent light out from over my head that would be perfect!

We've got an unbelievably high pressure game to watch tonight that I cannot wait to see -- and I'm thinking that Lester is going to come up big tonight against Lackey.

So all in all, the thought for today is: Change is good.

"Oh look out, you rock n rollers..."


Suldog said...

I fell asleep in the 9th(!)

Tonight, they take it.

Nichole M said...

Tonight's looking good so far! You're right to fear the monkey... it has won many games!

Anonymous said...

As long as I have air in my lungs, you will never, NEVER, hear me say another derogatory, disparaging, disrespectful, unkind, or any other word that would describe Jason Varitek in any other manner that is not reflective on his true greatness. Congrats.