Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Birds of a feather flock together....

Or psychos, as the case may be.

Scott Peterson, that complete waste of human life and taxpayers' dollars -- is reaching out to Casey Anthony.
Whatever could he possibly be saying?

"Hey, hat's off to you -- you did a far better job of disposing your daughter than I did with my wife! Hey, you're kind of cute...Too bad we can't hook up, but since we're both "otherwise occupied", I guess it's just letters eh?"

Interestingly enough, Casey and Laci (I cringe having to put his innocent wife's name in the same sentence as her' make matters worse, their names together sound like they're an X rated version of the Doublemint Twins!) look relatively similar enough to pique the convicted killer's interest.

I'd post a photo to show you, but truly - I can't bear the thought of contributing to the publicity that either of these clearly self indulgent narcissistic animals long for.

Everything about Caylee just completely saddens me to no end. And while there are so many tragedies that befall children everywhere -- there's something about this case that strikes such a chord within.

I'm sure that it has to do with the fact of it being a mother who is supposed to have the innate sense to protect her child, didn't just fail miserably at doing so -- but literally preyed upon her, even if only after the fact.

I do believe in my heart of hearts this was an accidental death; I don't think she intentionally set out on killing her daughter. I think she was premeditating sedating her daughter so she could have freedom while she "on her own". (Code for "was fighting with her mother"). I have to have some semblance of hope that the young woman we've seen in all of those photographs with her little girl don’t lie. They all point to a girl who loved her daughter.

But her actions after the fact, clearly paint the portrait of a woman who's so selfish, self centered, and spoiled -- that she doesn't feel that she has to be responsible or accountable. And while I do believe that the death itself may have been accidental, her actions to me afterwards are entirely justifiable of the death penalty.

I can a person snapping and going into denial if they've accidentally hurt someone; I can even see blocking it out. Shutting down to feel no pain. But to cover and lie and manipulate. To not help but to hinder -- all points to a person who can't have regrets because there's no sense of reprucussions.

She doesn't even seem to care about being in jail; I'm sorry but if that was me and I was wrongly accused of something, I'd be pulling my hair out trying to prove my innocence. If someone "stole" my child, I'd be begging and pleading with anyone who would listen.

We all know she is the cause behind that beautiful little girl's death.
And I just pray to God that her body is found.
Caylee needs to have a proper burial, and to be finally at rest.
She deserves that.

Maybe then I'll be able to stop thinking about her....her life being snuffed away by the very person who should've protected her has haunted me. This baby who I've never met -- but yet feel as if I had -- has captured my heart.

And thankfully, I'm not the only one who feels that way.

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martie said...

Rebecca, I know I've been absent lately. Returned to the work force after 13 years off. The transition is tough since I have taken on extra hours (25.5 hour per week) while trying to hold down the home front and be supportive of a 13 year old grand daughter living in hell with her mother. Trying to save her from a fate worse than death.......emotional abuse on a daily basis. Hopefully she will be able to return to living in our home or with her daddy soon!

Hugs my friend!