Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination.”

1. Note to the jerk on 93 South this a.m. driving the black Mercedes: I'm sorry, but did you think I was sitting in the lane just for "funsies"? Clearly there was a huge truck in front of me that was stopped as well. But thanks for beeping your horn at me -- oh, and I suppose you figured it out when you tried to pass me, only to find yourself sitting behind the truck as well. Yes, I let you in front of me so that you too could enjoy the stalemate. Idiot....

2. So, I went to bed at halftime, just to wake up this morning to hear that my two favorite players -- Sammy "I am the man" Morris and Rodney Harrison -- are hurt? I've got three words for you...WTF!

3. You know that whole -- "I'm clearly not thrilled with the new job" I hinted at last week? Hmmm. Yeah. Multiply that by 10 today. I think I've got a big rant about that coming...and soon. It's not that there aren't upsides to it -- but seriously, I'm insanely overqualified for the work I'm doing. Know of any job openings you want to pass along? Think Web Based Program Management...or Creative services. I have done everything from Art Direction & Marketing to Technical Program Management.

4. Which brings me to my business venture.....sigh. There's a really good location that's in the midst of possibly being negotiated. But in this economy, the banks are so hesitant to invest in startups. Which is frustrating.

I get the economy isn't in good shape and I understand that lots of people are hurting; but at the same time -- here I am, working my butt off at a job I don't love because that's what you do when you have a family. Does anyone really think that I work at the location that I do because it's my career choice? Of course not! I'd clearly be working elsewhere and in a field I love. But sometimes boys and girls -- you just can't do that. If you have chosen to have a family, then you put them first.

My bills are all paid on time, my credit is outstanding -- I don't live beyond my means. And yet I almost feel as if I'm being penalized for that. I'm certainly not gaining any benefit....!

I know plenty of people who choose not to work in this economy, and who are struggling to live; and yet this was a conscious decision they've made. Meanwhile, as a result of them being overcredited to the hilt, and eating up all their equity to live off of -- they're unable to help themselves when times get tough. I'm trying not to be too harsh, because I do feel for them.

But at the same time....my home equity goes down as a result of everyone else falling into foreclosures and or succumbing to short sales. I struggle (potentially) with being approved for a business loan because others have proven to be too irresponsible with their debts. As a result, the equity I've built up can't be taken into account as fully as it should.

So tell me, what is the benefit for living life the way you're supposed to? Not having your house taken away? Seriously now -- there has got to be some reward for following the rules.

And yet, I'm really struggling to see what it might be.


Feliz Dianne Flutter said...

I agree with you. Personally, I feel compasion and empathy for those that are experiencing the loss of their home.

But, I don't think they should be rewarded. And some of the suggestions that the candidates are just that. If they are lowering the principal on someone who is about to go thru foreclosure, they should be doing it across the board.

Getting off my soap box :). Wishing you well with the loan.

Nichole M said...

As you know, I have big issues with what's going on in the economy. We weren't getting huge dividend checks when these people were flipping houses to get great wads of cash. I shouldn't be forced, through taxes, to hand them a check when their risky business ventures didn't pay off.

When you tax those who are working to give checks to those who aren't working, pretty soon there will be a lot of people not working. And less being productive.

Susan said...

It pisses me off that people who normally wouldn't get a mortgage wer able to get them, then they wonder why they can't pay them when they didn't have the income to support that. You never should have gotten the loan in the first place. Is that MY FAULT? No. Don't get me started..pisses me off.

New Hampshire Ronin said...

Clearly you need to come back where you belong. I'm sure we can find something to challenge you again!

Suldog said...

The knowledge that you are a righteous person is the reward for being righteous. Knowing that you're doing it the correct way, without sponging off of anyone else, is it's own reward.

You have to look at it that way, in any case, or else you'll end up like that asshole in the Mercedes :-)

~**Dawn**~ said...

What's worse is I can't believe Harrison could be done. As in DONE. I think Sammy will recover, maybe miss one game or even play this week with a lighter load. Unlike Maroney, I don't think Morris is made of glass.

~**Dawn**~ said...

What's worse is I can't believe Harrison could be done. As in DONE. I think Sammy will recover, maybe miss one game or even play this week with a lighter load. Unlike Maroney, I don't think Morris is made of glass.