Friday, October 03, 2008

Anywhich way but....decided

Okay, since we're well into the start of the baseball game and I haven't had the chance to see it yet (it's DVR'd, I'll be playing catchup after this is posted) I figured I'd write my long overdue post for today. We'll talk ball tomorrow -- tonight it's going to be politics.

So last night's debate was, nice.
Nice??? Who would think that would be the term used and yet there you have it.

Sarah Palin came out looking a little overly made up but lovely none the less. Joe Biden looked handsome; and they both were very complimentary and benevolent towards one another. I have to say that surprised me to a certain extent.

I expected Sarah Palin to be harsher than she came across; there's definitely a warmth and gentleness despite the firmness of the words that a woman brings to the table. She came across as genuine for the most part and I liked that, although there were a few answers that I thought she was a bit cutesy and contrived.

Joe Biden came across very well also and to me - he was by far the stronger VP candidate. He spoke more specifically on topics, answered the questions and stayed on point. Sarah Palin had a tendancy to not answer the questions or give specifics. She sort of spewed the "change" word in the same vague manner that Barack Obama does and that really irritates me. Tell me what you're changing; don't just use the term. Give me examples, outline some ideas -- tell me what you're going to do. Change isn't a tagline. Show me the money.....and she didn't do that.

One of the things I found interesting about Joe Biden last night was that there were moments were you could tell that he either liked the way his adversary verbally sparred her responses or was just very surprised by the fact that she kept up with him. It was an admiration, I think - or at least it seemed that way. It may be that my expectation was that he would've been more aggressive, but he certainly didn't need to be.

During the Democratic debates for Presidential nomination I had preferred Joe Biden; I liked him last night as well. Yet I'm not a huge Barack Obama fan. I like John McCain, but I'm not a huge fan of Sarah Palin.

So how's about a McCain/Biden ticket?
We all say we want to lose partisan lines.... so why not try something new and actually do it?

Pardon my naivete, but I am no expert on politics. Is there a law that states that candidates from one party can't actually choose one from another to run with them?
Just asking the question....


Ed O'Shea said...

McCain/Palin 08. Obama is a racist and a down righ currupt hack and Biden is justa straight up crimminal!

Ed O'Shea said...

Oh yeah and GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!