Thursday, October 23, 2008

"We are each other’s keepers, we are the guardians of our own humanity..."

1. I am hoping beyond hope that Caylee Anthony is found and we can finally put that little girl to rest. Words can't describe the disgust I feel for her mother. I used to feel sorry for Casey Anthony's parents -- but now, not so much. I used to sympathize and empathize thinking "those poor people are in such a state of denial about their daughter..." I don't know that I necessarily believe that to be the case any longer. I think at this juncture, they've come to terms with the fact that Caylee is gone. It's abundantly clear to me that now they're in preservation mode for Casey. And that I can't empathize with.

Listen, I love my kids -- and I don't know what I'd do if they did something horribly wrong in life such as murder; but I can tell you this, if it had to do with the death of one of their children -- I would not stand by them. Not in this instance where it is clearly not accidental.

I believe in the death penalty. I wish we had it here in Massachusetts. And I hope that the evidence the State of Florida has is enough to ensure that lethal injection is the only option for this woman who never deserved to have that beautiful child in her life.

2. On a happier note...did I mention that I'm going back to NYC? And very soon. Guess who got two front row center tickets to "Speed the Plow" starring Jeremy Piven (love him!) on Broadway? Yes, that would be me. It's not secret that I'm a ticket snob -- but who would've ever imagined being able to say that I saw a Broadway play from front row? I'm so excited, I can't stand it.

3. Speaking of standing.... I think I need to see a doctor at some point. At the Walk for Autism, I bent down to take a picture by my daughter when I felt/heard a "pop" in my knee. And it's been aching non-stop ever since. I'm sure it's tendonitis or something, but since I run I want to make sure it's nothing more serious. The cold is really bothering it; heat not so much. And boy did I find that out when I put BioFreeze on it last night! Big mistake...

Well, at least I can rest easy knowing it's not an infection of my new ACL! (D'oh!)

4. Fabulous new Mexican restaurant was on the menu for lunch today... Ixtapa in Lexington was so very good! There's nothing better than relatively authentic Mexican food -- and it's so very hard to find! I'm not a big chain food restaurant kinda girl, so while this restaurant surprisingly is owned by the Aculpulco's chain, there's nothing franchise about it. And even better -- they've just opened a new one that's closer to where I live than Lexington.

5. I participated in the football pool in work today. First time in years I've worked with people who do that kind of thing. (One of the previously alluded to upsides of the job.) Who knows, I guess there's like 20 people who participate, the buy in is relatively inexpensive - and the potential is there to make about $100.

And I do believe that would buy this girl at least a new pair of boots!!

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Nichole M said...

Hooray for authentic Mexican food in New England! When I lived there for six years, I couldn't find a tamale to save my life. And when we *did* find a burrito? BLECH!