Friday, October 24, 2008

"See, I'm riding my blues away...Tuesday, you see, she had to be free..."

In a strike of good news today...

I am interviewing on Tuesday.
It's been a long time since I've interviewed for a position outside of the base, so I'm quite excited.

I'm already wondering what to wear.

A recruiter I had submitted my resume to, called me today, and she was rather excited at the prospect of meeting me. It seems that with my background being both technical on a management level as well as creative -- places me in a relatively good position for a lot of the Marketing & New Media positions that she seems to have available. Another thing that has me looking forward to this is that she indicated that a few of the positions she has are within local media outlets. How excited would I be if that were the case?!?! Truthfully, I'm just happy to hear that there are positions out there and available that my background seems well suited for. I'd give my left arm to be working doing something I really enjoy.

Also hot off the presses...The time has finally come for me to donate my long, long, long hair to a charitable organization. Come Tuesday, the scissors and I have a date. It will still be relatively long, I'd never go short short.... but I'm ready to have a shorter version of what I've got now. Oh, and a little blonder too. I'm feeling rather blah these days, and so while I'll never go really blonde (I'm a Jennifer Aniston-ish kind of blonde), to have a few brighter pieces put in never hurt anyone. Always fun to have a little extra sunshine on these cold days, right?

I just wish I was going to have my new hair before my interview....!


Suldog said...

Good luck! And God bless you for the hair donation! That's really nice!

(If you have any leftovers, I'll take some... :-) )

~**Dawn**~ said...

Good luck with your interview!

I am in complete agreement with you on a fresh cut & color doing wonders to perk a girl up. =)

Feliz Dianne Flutter said...

I hope it went well!

Also, props to you for donating your hair. I've always wanted to, but I've never been strong willed enough to wait for my hair to be long enough :).