Saturday, October 04, 2008

How's about those Sox!!!!

How psyched is the Nation right now??!!

I know I said I didn't want to see the Sox play the Angels. I meant it. I didn't think we couldn't win - I just thought it would be a series that would run down to the wire. We all know that there's a possibility that it might....but it sure feels good knowing that game three is at Fenway with Beckett on the mound.

Now, at risk of sounding cynical -- last night has a couple of questions for me to pose:

1. Am I the only one who gets frustrated beyond imagination watching DiceK pitch? It just seems like he wastes so many pitches. Just asking...

2. Okay. So, after last night's unbelievable 2 run HR I'm feeling as if I need to eat my words about how JD Drew is a diva, and doesn't seem willing to put in an effort to help the team when he's not horribly injured, yada yada yada. Now he's a hero, right? me crazy but in some ways seeing him hit that and bring something great to the table almost irritates me more. There are some really injured guys on this team who bring it every game - and who really don't like being forced to sit out (ala Mike Lowell, for an example). Imagine just how much Drew could've contributed to the team's success over the past few months.

Drew's efforts last night sort of made me see that I can draw a parallel between him and other "really great ball players who often opted not to work through their injuries, and who shall remain nameless" -- and I am wondering if anyone else feels the same way?


Anonymous said...

JD a diva. Hmmmm, plays great defense, hustles down the line, hits in the clutch, and is a team leader. I thought we traded Manny? JNW.

Tommy Buettner said...

Rebecca, I need your you Red Sox input. Hit me up!!!!!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I am not ready to classify Drew yet. I mean, I don't suffer from back pain and a herniated disc sounds uncomfortable at best. At least his injury is documented and confirmed, and he was going through the rehad process. Unlike Mr Miracle Knee.

As for Matsuzaka... you know what infuriated me even more? That BECKETT was a nibbler in his last start. It's like they all swapped bodies: 2008 Beckett = 2007 Matsuzaka. 2008 Lester = 2007 Beckett. 2008 Matsuzaka = 2007 Lester (he of the "allow a bunch of guys to get on base & then someone wriggle out of is unscathed--most of the time" outings).