Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sitting in the morning sun....I'll be sitting when the evening comes....

1. Note to the reporters that have been out there on national television crying about the Angels loss to the Sox: Seriously, enough whining already about the Red Sox. The better team won - period, end of discussion. Man up, shut up - and sit down.

First of all, you can't take anything away from either team -- they both played hard. But let's be honest -- the Angels defense made some crazy errors. And while I held my breath during the middle of their lineup because they were so good, "were" is the proper tense. Because they weren't that good during this series. Baseball is cyclical - and at that time, during the post season - the Angels didn't prove to be as good as they were during the season. Not to say that they weren't tough - this was not an easy series by any stretch -- but it wasn't as bad as some may have thought it was going to be.

Final thought on this series can't challenge Jason's out at third! He tagged him before dropping the ball. There was no fumble here. He tagged him, before the ball came out of the glove. Get over it and move on....

2. Time to think about Tampa.... the rotation came out today, and truthfully I'm surprised to see Beckett pitching the second game. I think I was thinking he'd pitch third at Fenway - but maybe since he pitches so well at Tropicana (not that he doesn't pitch well everywhere, but his record is really great there!). Truthfully I only figured they'd pitch him at home to give him another day of rest, but what was it I said yesterday? In Francona we trust....

3. The debates were anything but a debate. Come on - let them get down and dirty and mix it up! The only thing that last night resolved for me was the overwhelming realization that Obama is going to win this election. He is just so slick. And McCain comes across as rather, grumpy. I like them both but the truth of the matter is that I don't know which one to believe when they're speaking. They're both talking so much schtick with no real substance -- I couldn’t' even finish watching it. Neither one excited me, neither one motivated me -- and neither one clarified anything for me. In a word: aaagh.

4. How about a little "aaah".... so glad to find out that my new insurance policy, which will more than likely be uber expensive -- covers acupuncture. Not fully, but any little bit helps! The fluorescent lights here are killing me, and truthfully I'm so overdue to go back. These headaches though nearly not like they were before, are slowly and surely creeping back into my life. Between yoga and acupuncture, I need to get myself feeling spectacular again. Running + Yoga + Acupuncture = Bliss. '

Must. Find. Center.

5. I can taste again!!! Today, my friend Michelle and I met for sushi today. She also gave her notice and so we had a little celebratory/congratulatory luncheon at our favorite little sushi hideaway. It's perfect because you can be in and out within a half hour. And the sushi was fantastic. We had a new creation today -- and I think it's our new favorite. She and I have very similar sushi tastes, so move over Spicy Maki because Crazy Roll is the new gig in town...!


Nichole M said...

Dude! I kept saying that during tek's tag out at third. "This is baseball! There IS no fumble!"

Ugh. The debates were supremely boring. Maybe the next one will be better and help you out a bit. If you wanna find out why I'm voting for McCain, just email me.

Crazy roll?? What's in that?

Rebecca said...

Hey Nichole -- funny thing is - there IS a fumble in baseball! But it's when catching a ball in the field -- not when tagging out. Who'da thunk it???

I will email you, because I just can't determine which politician is doing less playing on words. They both have some good ideas, but when it comes to something like medical insurance, I can't get which one is being dishonest. I hear Obama answer and I think "that makes sense". I hear McCain talk and I think "yup, that makes sense.." They can't both be right.

Ahh, Crazy Roll. Well, the one we had today had Maguro (white tuna), spicy mayo, crispy tempura and avacado wrapped in this very light pale yellow wrapper that I'm not sure what it was made of but it was DELISH. SOOOO good.

Suldog said...

Well, I'd say "Vote For The Libertarian!", but why bring that up? :-)

As for the rotation, I was overjoyed to see that they're planning on throwing Wake in game four. He deserves it and I think he'll have a good one.