Saturday, June 28, 2008

Simple yet magnificent at the same time...

Right now, the kids and I are listening to Kids Classical Hour on the classical radio station where they're featuring one of my all time favorite soundtracks "Jurrasic Park" - and talking about the different dinosaurs that used to roam the earth.

At the same time, we're sitting in my son's room going through his dinosaur sticker activity book, matching up all the different kinds of beasts with their respective slots in the book. It's pretty fun, and a great way to spend the morning. My daughter has been, less than cooperative or pleasant over the last 24 hours and so this has been a great way to settle down and have a good time and hopefully start the day off on a good note -- because prior to this, the morning was a little rough.

The music is beautiful if you haven't heard it before, the main theme is one that will probably stick in your head for the remainder of the day -- and just sitting here and appreciating the music with the history of dinosaurs with the kids and a good cup of coffee, is the perfect way to start this sleepy day.

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Nichole M said...

I always liked that soundtrack. That's so neat there is a children's classical hour! It's kind of like the movie classics for kids on TCM. I usually like them, too!