Friday, June 06, 2008

Wrapping up the week...

1. So, at lunch today I picked up the tickets to the Celebrity Putt Putt for Monday. So excited.  And, I'm equally as excited about going out for sushi with my friend Michelle afterwards. There is a really amazing Japanese restaurant that has the best sushi outside of Boston, right in Middleton. So it will be fun to go there after for a quick bite and maybe some sake. The good thing (and bad thing) is that it's on a "school" night (code for "work") so not too much sake! Because sake can hit you like a brick wall, especially if it's good.

2. What's up with the calamity in the duggout last night? Here's the thing, I totally get the bench clearing. It's on the field, it's testosterone, and no one likes getting hit. I'm good with that. But in the duggout? Especially since I heard a clip of Youk on WAAF yesterday saying the nicest things about Manny. So I'm going to guess that everyone was just all fired up. If the rumors are true about Youk being upset that Manny didn't run right onto the field fast enough - I'd be pretty disappointed about that. Truly, who wants to get suspended - or maybe even injured over something like that? I'd think you'd want to have your potentially new and permanent DH to be as far away from that as possible, especially when he's prone to having hamstring issues. It's sort of like hockey: protect your goalie. Well, wouldn't you want to protect your pitchers and DH? Call me crazy, but there were plenty of guys on the field to take care of things. But that's just this girl's opinion...

3. After baseball, I promptly switched over to the Celtics game. I have to say, it was the first full length game I'd watched since 1987. Hard to believe, but while I enjoy basketball - if I have a choice between watching that and something else, I more than likely will pick something else. It's not my first choice for television programming. So to watch the game was actually a lot of fun. Partly because of all the history between these two teams, which I remember so very well. And partly because it's just exciting to watch Championship games. I'm not exactly sure what all the skepticism regarding Paul Pierce was about this morning. I'm sure he thought he tore his ACL, and I bet it felt like he did as well. I don't think he was faking, and I think it's just horrible for people to insinuate as such. I think there was more on his mind than pretending to be more injured than he was to stir a little drama. There's more than enough pressure on their shoulders right now than to manipulate a situation for effect.

4. I am absolutely horrified at the lack of humanity shown at a hit and run scene yesterday in Hartford. Not only did the driver not stop...nor did any other driver. And people literally just walked by the poor man. Afterwards a crowd gathered, and sure - people called "911"; but I'm sorry, how no one ran out to check on him is beyond me. As the chief of police had stated, there is "no moral compass" it seems. Such a horribly sad, sad state of today's society.

5. This weekend promises to be a hot one, and I am so looking forward to it. After tomorrow's final soccer game, I'm hoping to do nothing but hang out at the pool. Though I would love to go to the beach! That might be an option too. Truly, I just want to rest and relax. Tonight's thoughts of running the lake have been squashed as my sitter who said she was going to the Sox game next Friday, is really going tonight; so I probably won't be doing anything but hanging w. the kiddies. I might surprise them and take them someplace fun for dinner, but I am not quite set on where. Maybe a good pizza place... like Sal's. Who knows, wherever we end up - there we will be!

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~**Dawn**~ said...

I have since heard that Manny was getting annoyed with Youk coming back to the dugout & throwing stuff around every single time he strikes out. I guess Manny told him to chill out & Youk didn't take it very well. Youk said something back to Manny & suddenly Manny was swinging! They say it's all worked out now & everyone was just on testosterone overload after the fight.