Wednesday, June 04, 2008

On a grassroots level we say that man can touch more than he can grasp.

Today is the day that I am submitting the signatures to Town Hall.

All 208 of them.

I only need 200, but I figure just incase someone isnt registered to vote there needs to be a buffer.

Id have been able to get more if I couldve gotten out a bit more, and of course wasnt so shy.  You know, I have no problem collecting signatures on behalf of someone else, but if its for me thats a different story.  I absolutely cringe at asking for help.  But Im so thankful that I accepted the offers of those who asked to circulate the petitions for me because they truly made a difference.

Exercising the due process of local government is something that we are all entitled to do and an effort that Im actually quite excited and proud to be a part of.   


Suldog said...

Good luck! As you may be aware, I ran for state rep once (1992.)

208 is a somewhat slim margin of error, IMHO. If you were working from lists of registered voters, not so bad. Just collecting from folks passing by and whatnot, it will be very tight, from my experience.

In any case, congratulations on taking part. No matter what the political leanings of someone else, if they take the step to take part, I applaud them. It's not easy (as you know if you read my series concerning my own campaign.)

Rebecca said...

Hey Suldog -
Yeah, I know they told me that was slim; but they also said they'll call me during the process and let me know if I need to collect more - which is a good thing. :)

I'm HOPING that people were honest when I asked if they were registered voters. But as the town clerk said, "people will lie". :( Fingers crossed. I'll still keep collecting just incase. :)

And no - I didn't know you ran! :) Good for you! Politics can be such a dirty sport though....